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10 Amazing Benefits Of Fennel Seeds

Foeniculum vulgare  commonly known as ‘Fennel’ is indeed a flowering species from the carrot family. This plant has leaves that solely resembles a green feather and yellow flowers adds on the beauty of the plant even more. This herbal plant is famed to have a great significance which comes in the form of seeds. These fennel seeds have some wide applications in the medicine industry and are also used to manufacture many synthetic drugs. However consuming them naturally relieves the person from many side effects and hence, this article lists out some of the wide applications and benefits of fennel seeds to the human body.

1. Cancer Protection

Colon cancer has now become one of the most commonly occurring cancers these days. Many of the times, it wouldn’t be possible even by the synthetic medicines to control the growth of the cancer cells in colon. However, fennel seeds are prominent to serve this purpose a lot better. Anethole, an aromatic compound present in fennel seeds is said to possess many anti-cancer effects. This chemical compound aid a lot in removing some of the dangerous carcinogenic toxins from the colon and set a person free from colon cancer. However this mostly works when identified in the initial stages and proper medication procedure must be taken a note while using these fennel seeds.

Cancer Protection

2. Increases The Rate Of Metabolism

Metabolism is nothing but the entire series of chemical reactions that take place inside the human body to make the sustenance of life possible. There’s always a particular pace of metabolism and this has to maintained for staying free from any health complications. Some times fats do take a lot of time to burn and with that the rate of metabolism decreases. This can result in storage of many unwanted fats in the body. To avoid, such things the rate has to be fastened which in turn burns all the calories of the food quickly. Fennel seeds do assist a lot in increasing the speed of metabolism to the required amount.

Increases The Rate Of Metabolism

3. Stimulates Melatonin

N-acetyl-5-methoxy tryptamine commonly called as melatonin is actually a chemical hormone released by the pineal gland. This harmone is widely essential in controlling the sleep of the body. In other words, proper sleep can be enhanced only with the good functioning of this hormone. At times, sufficient quantities of melatonin aren’t produced which may lead to many health complications due to the lack of sleep. Consuming fennel seeds can aid in the production of melatonin a lot and that’s the reason why many doctors do suggest the use of fennel seeds if one gets to suffer with some sleep problems.

Stimulates Melatonin

4. Natural Appetite Suppressant

Appetite supplements are often used by those who wish to lower the amount of food consumption and this might be due to many factors including digestion problems, weight loss remedy etc. However consuming many artificial natural suppressants can result in many side effects and hence there’s an alarming need to sort out a better natural alternative for those medicines. Scientists have reported that fennel seeds can be useful under such cases and all one has to do is to chew a handful of fennel seeds which can result in the desired effects.

Natural Appetite Suppressant

5. Handles Menstrual Problems

Emmenagogues are the ones which actually stimulates the blood flow in uterus and pelvic and keeps the menstrual problems under control. Menstrual problems might be due to various reasons which include improper diet, mental illness etc. Fennel seeds are one among those remedies the regulate the menstrual flow. Also another striking property of fennel seeds is that it is quite well known to promote lactation in mothers.

Handles Menstrual Problems

6. Blood Purification

Some times a lot of uric acid might be accumulated in the blood which highly makes the blood quite impure. In this context, blood purification has to be aided a lot and fennel seeds are known to serve the purpose a lot better as it thrashes away the excess amount of uric acid out of the body. Also it helps a lot in the digestion of fats in the liver. There is a formidable amount of copper present in the seeds that assist a lot in the production of red blood cells and this is yet another use of fennel seeds to the blood.

7. Handles Obesity Problems

As mentioned in one of the above benefits, usage of fennel seeds can indeed pop out to be a lot beneficial in decreasing the body weight. Obese people are often guided in ways to reduce their body weights by artificial purposes which may also result in many of the side effects which aren’t desired by the human body. Fennel seeds are renowned to be be some excellent fat burner which gets to digest the fats completely by actually increasing the metabolism rate to the required extent.

Handles Obesity Problems

8. Improves Vision

One mustn’t forget the fact that fennel seeds do come from the species that actually belong to the carrot family. Everyone would be aware that carrots are quite renwoned for their benefits to eyes and fennel seeds indeed fall under the similar category and helps a lot in improving the vision. Fennel seeds are quite rich in many antioxidant and amino acids that are highly beneficial to eye health. Consuming fennel seeds can reduce macular degeneration which damages the vision of an individual. Also there are some wide applications of fennel juice where the flavonoids can reduce a lot of eye stress and fatigue.

Improves Vision

9. Antispasmodic Effect

This is nothing but the relaxation of muscles where many of the drugs are used to treat such cases. However many studies prove that many side effects can occur upon the usage of artificially manufactured ones and hence there’s a need to find a natural alternative. Fennel seeds can handle the purpose a lot better.

Antispasmodic Effect

10. Reduces Inflammation

Fennel seeds are known to possess many anti-inflammatory properties which aids a lot in reducing the inflammation prevailed in the human body. Also it is prominent for its cooling effects that is originally required for reducing acidity on the whole.

Reduces Inflammation

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