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10 Amazing Herbal Remedies For Acid Reflux

[toc]Acid reflux is caused when there is excessive intake of oily spicy foods or a person has irregular eating habits. Acid reflux is when the stomach acid gets excessively produced as a result of which some of the acid enters the esophagus and produces a burning sensation. You may also get a bloated sensation and a sour taste in your mouth.

Acid Reflux

Herbs can be very useful for countering the over production of stomach acid and reducing the indigestion and discomfort accompanying acid reflux. Some of the top herbal remedies for acid reflux are Ginger, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow, Licorice, Gentian, Dandelion Root, Fennel, Worm Wood, Yellow Dock, Chamomile, Peppermint and Green Tea.  This article explores the best herbal remedies for soothing acid reflux.

10 Effective Herbal Remedies For Acid Reflux

Slippery Elm

Ulmus Fulva is the botanical name of this herb. Slippery Elm has been used since ancient times to treat gastrointestinal disorders. This herb is very effective in treating acid reflux because it is a natural demulcent. This herb contains a substance called mucilage which is a thick, pasty gel like substance that coats the gastrointestinal lining and prevents over production of stomach acid.

It forms a protective layer over the mucous membranes and ensures relief from acid reflux. You can take tea prepared from the root of this herb for dealing effectively with the symptoms of acid reflux.

Slippery Elm


Chamomile or Matricaria Recutita is a nervine herb. This herb soothes the mind and relaxes the nervous system. Chamomile is also an adaptogen. This herb can prevent stress induced stomach upsets and resultant acid reflux. Chamomile is also a digestive tonic and it can make the stomach healthy again.

It facilitates the digestion of food. Problems such as flatulence and indigestion which result from acid reflux can be combated using Chamomile. You can drink Chamomile tea regularly for warding off acid reflux. Boil the dried leaves of this herb and let the water simmer. Add honey and drink at least 3 to 4 cups of this tea in a day to ward off acid reflux.



Marshmallow is known botanically as Althea Officinalis. This herb has been used not only as a food but also as a remedy since ancient times. Poultices of Marshmallow leaves were used to reduce inflammation by the Arabic people for centuries.

This herb contains mucilage which coats the stomach and throat lining and prevents the acid from being produced or creating a burning sensation in the throat. Marshmallow root extract can be taken for best results. You can also take this herb in supplement form for fending off acid reflux.


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Glycyrrhiza Glabra is the botanical or Latin name of this herb. Licorice is rich in substances such as tannins and compounds like glycyrrhetinic acid which reduce inflammation and relieve discomfort caused due to acid reflux. Inflamed mucous membranes in your stomach and throat can be soothed using Licorice. You can take Licorice root extract for beneficial results.

Licorice root contains a saponin called glycyrrhizin which soothes the gastrointestinal tract and prevents bloating and indigestion caused by acid reflux. You can also take this herb in tincture or supplement form. Licorice tea is also available for consumption in order to relieve this problem.



Curcuma Longa is the Latin name of this herb. It is a pain relieving, anti-inflammatory herb which can cure most of the problems associated with acid reflux. Turmeric contains an active ingredient called curcumin which soothes the inflammation and brings down the swelling.

This herb is a digestive stimulant and it can cure the indigestion caused due to acid reflux. You can grind the dried root or rhizome of this herb and mix it with hot water or warm milk and consume this for best outcome. Turmeric also relieves the stomach pain and the bloated feeling  that accompanies acid reflux.



Mentha Piperita is the botanical name by which this herb is also known. Peppermint contains a cooling substance called menthol which soothes the stomach and esophagus and prevents acid reflux from intensifying. It also soothes the lining of the stomach and prevents the formation of ulcers.

Natural oils present in Peppermint relieve the pain and ease the stomach. Experts opine that Peppermint also helps to prevent the burning sensation caused by acid reflux. You can chew the leaves of this herb for good results. You can also consume Peppermint tea for relief from acid reflux.


Green Tea

Green Tea is derived from the herbaceous plant known as Camellia Sinensis. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols which soothe the stomach and ease the flatulence and discomfort caused by acid reflux. This herb has been used extensively in East Asian countries for treating gastrointestinal problems.

You can take 3 to 4 cups of Green Tea in a day for maintaining the health of your gastrointestinal system and combating acid reflux. This herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as well for countering stomach problems. Green Tea extract can also be taken to prevent hyperacidity and  aid in recovery from acid reflux.

green tea


Zingiber Officinale is the botanical name of Ginger. This herb has been used for seasoning and other culinary purposes. It is also a great herbal remedy for preventing overproduction of stomach acid which can cause acid reflux. Ginger tea ensures the production of saliva which removes the acid that has build up in the esophagus making it a good herbal remedy for acid reflux.

You can also chew the raw, fresh root of this herb for gaining the benefits of this herb. Gingerols found in this herb also give it anti-inflammatory properties. So, it can prevent the bloated sensation caused due to acid reflux and it can also make you overcome nausea associated with this condition.



Filipendula Ulmaria is the botanical or Latin name of Meadowsweet. This herb is also commonly called Lady of the Meadow or Bridewort. Meadowsweet has tannins and salicylates which soothe the stomach and ease digestion problems and belching caused due to acid reflux. You can take this herb in the form of a supplement, capsule or extract for good outcomes. You can also drink Meadowsweet tea for easing acid reflux and regaining good health.


Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry is known as Amla in India. The fruit of this herb has been used for curing gastrointestinal problems by Ayurveda practitioners. Amla  fruit can be taken along with a glass of warm milk for availing the benefits of this herb.

This herb contains several antioxidants which refresh the body and ward off nausea and discomfort in the throat caused by acid reflux. Indian Gooseberry also cools the bodily systems and reduces the toxicity in the body caused due to the over ingestion of rich and spicy foods.


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