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10 Best Natural Cures For Dehydration

[toc]dehydrationLoss of fluids from the body and excess body heat contribute to dehydration. Dehydration can result from exposure to intense heat, overexertion and even poor hydration. Drinking enough water is important so that you can avoid dehydration. Rather than consulting a doctor only, you can also use natural cures to combat dehydration. It is vital that you take adequate steps to replenish the lost fluids in your body.

This is because water is essential for life and extreme dehydration can have serious consequences. Natural cures also help in alleviating the aches and cramps in the stomach experienced by dehydrated persons. It is best to seek natural treatments in conjunction with medical care as this can alleviate the problem with ease and rapidity.

Effective Natural Cures For Dehydration


BananasBananas contain a lot of fluids and they are also rich in potassium.  This is very vital for a dehydrated person. This is because a person suffering from dehydration has lost a lot of water in the body and he or she is also losing electrolytes and potassium.

Eating bananas replenishes the body’s supply of water and it also revitalizes and energizes the body. Bananas can also be added to a shake or made into delicious desert and consumed for best results. Bananas can also be had with a dash of honey and ginger for easing dehydration and restoring the balance of nutrients in the body.


Drink WaterIt is important to drink adequate amounts of water. Often most dehydration is caused by poor consumption of water. It is critical that you take in the required amount of water plus a little more to ward off the complication of dehydration.

You should also ensure that the water you drink is cold because this will lower the temperature of the body and ensure that you are able to get rid of the excess heat building in your body. One of the foremost signs of dehydration is extreme thirst and you should ensure that you drink the required amount of water.


ChamomileYou can also drink Chamomile tea to restore fluids in your body and also relieve the pain and the muscular cramps that accompany dehydration. You should consume the tea at least 2 to 3 times in a day.

This will help you to be able to regain the lost water in your body and also soothe and relax the tense muscles of the body. Chamomile is a herb associated with many healing powers and one of these definitely is to ease the symptoms of dehydration and help the body to regain lost fluids.

Willow Bark

This herb contains salicin which helps to lower the fever and bring complete and lasting relief from pains and aches associated with dehydration. Willow Bark can be consumed in the form of a hot tea or drink for easing the problems linked to dehydration such as excess buildup of heat in the body and the cramps in the body. Willow Bark should be used with great care as it has blood thinning properties.

Chinese Skullcap

Chinese SkullcapThis herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to cool and soothe the body. You can also use this herb to ease dehydration. Chinese Skullcap dilates the blood vessels and this lowers the temperature of the body and releases excess heat in the body which is caused by dehydration.

Chinese Skullcap cools the body and helps to treat dehydration that may be resulting from excessive exposure to heat and loss of bodily fluids.  The root of this herb can be crushed and made into a tea which must be consumed regularly for best results. This herb should not be used by pregnant or lactating ladies.


 SaltYou can consume salty foods such as salted peanuts when you are experiencing mild dehydration. This is because the salt level in the body reduces when a person is dehydrated. Using or adding salt to your bath water is also very effective in fending off dehydration because the salt leads to better circulation and eases the itchiness and dryness of the skin that may be resulting from dehydration.

You can also add salt to a glass of water with a dash of honey or brown sugar and consume this for restoring electrolyte levels in the body and overcoming dizziness due to dehydration.

Non Spicy Foods

When you have dehydration, another way to overcome the stomach cramps that result from this is to eat bland foods for the whole day. This helps to ease digestion problems that may result from dehydration and it also aids in curing the muscular cramping in the stomach which happens when you are dehydrated.

Some of the non spicy, bland foods that you can eat are rice, pasta and boiled vegetables. Carbohydrates are a good idea because they help to bind the stomach.

Ice Cubes

IceYou can also mix ice cubes in your drink or rub ice cubes over the surface of your body. This will help to cool your body when you are dehydrated and overheated. The loss of body heat will enable you to recover faster and become fine in little time.

You can also have ice cream or ice drinks. Chilling a glass of milk or an energy shake with a few ice cubes is also a great way to eliminate dehydration. Ice cubes not only lower the body temperature, they also lubricate the skin and eliminate the dryness in the skin.

Coconut Water

Coconut WaterAnother sure way to stop dehydration is to have coconut water. This is because coconut water replenishes the diminishing electrolytes in a dehydrated person’s body. Coconut water is high in minerals such as iron and potassium as well.

Lowering of potassium levels in persons who are dehydrated can be dealt with by drinking coconut water. Coconut is also low in calories and it is an ideal solution for a dehydrated person. It has nutrients which revitalize the body.

Yoghurt and Fenugreek Mixture

YogurtAnother vital natural cure for dehydration is the mixture of yoghurt(curd) and Fenugreek seed powder. This is because the curd contains a high percentage of sodium and potassium both of which are low in the body of a dehydrated person.

So having the curd replenishes the body’s supply of potassium and sodium and it corrects the imbalances in the body. Adding Fenugreek is a added advantage because this herb ensures that there is a cooling effect on the body and the build up of heat in a dehydrated person is released.

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