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10 Best Tips On How To Get Rid of Chest Acne

[toc]To put it briefly, acne is a skin disease that is kick-started when a particular kind of bacteria multiplies at an extremely fast rate in the body. It causes redness and blemishes on the skin and because the problem is deep-set, it can be tricky to get rid of. However, acne on the chest is not only a result of internal factors but a lot of external factors too. These eruptions on the area can be a menace, especially if you want to wear outfits that reveal those assets the best.

Chest Acne

Remember that acne on the chest is not related to the acne on the face. Though causes may vary, the treatments for acne on the chest are relatively similar to the process of getting rid of acne on the face. Here is a combination of remedies, which can be used to get rid of chest acne and also prevent them from recurring-

10 Tips To Get Rid Of Chest Acne

Acne Gels

Let’s start with acne gels. These are in the form of clear ointments that are to be applied on the problem area every day for a month or so. Because they are laced with healthy retinoids, they target the problem and remove every trace of it by the time the month gets over.

It is recommended that you continue the treatment even after your skin clears up so that you can prevent the bacteria from returning. By doing so, you can also ensure that the pores will remain unclogged and therefore, healthy.


Light Therapy

A new Acne Treatment option is acne light therapy. Fluorescent lamps emit the light into the skin and the power is strong enough to throw out 99.9% of the bacteria once and for all. You will be asked to sit for three sessions and your eyes will be protected from the harsh light- yes, its’ that simple! If you think of the benefits of the remedy, you will realize that the treatment practically pays for itself in the long run.

The brightest plus point is that it has a success rate of 90%. This can be easily done on the chest area, unless you are breast feeding, where it is safer to avoid the same.

light therapy

Topical Creams

Another popular treatment for the chest is in the form of acne creams. These are as easy to apply as the above-mentioned gels but because they aren’t as strong, you may not see results as quickly. This leads to another drawback- these creams find it difficult to live up to their potential over an extended period of time.

They will definitely work but unlike light therapy and acne gels, they will not penetrate deep enough to even graze the surface of the underlying bacteria. They will merely get rid of the symptoms and once the bacteria realize that it can fight the treatment, it will do just that and the acne will return with full force.


Vitamin E Oil

Simple and easy home remedies like apply Vitamin E oil on these acne marks should be done to decrease the scars. You can also apply the gel of fresh Aloe Vera on the skin so that you get to do away with these scars. Keep in mind that the scars will not vanish in a day and no acne scar treatment provides instant results.

Hence, you should be patient while dealing with them. Remember that the cause of acne in the first place could be very dry skin, so it is essential that you hydrate the area using a good vitamin E oil.


Diet Changes

To do away with of acne marks you should focus on preventing them in the first place. Remember that an effective method of getting relieved of these acne marks is using preventive measures like drinking lots of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercising. You should avoid fried foods or very heavy foods that stimulate acne.


Dermatological Care

If your acne marks are very intense then it is suggested that you set up an appointment with a dermatologist. Only a skin doctor or dermatologist would help you to get rid of acne marks via medical solutions as prescribed.

A recommend surgical process here called subcusion should be used. Here the upper coating of the skin is lifted for enhancing circulation which encourages the skin to restore to health faster.

consult doctor

Dandruff Treatment

You will probably be shocked to hear this one but like acne on the face, the dry flakes of dandruff falling on the chest is a major cause of acne. In this reference, you should use a good dandruff treatment shampoo and make sure to wear covered clothes, especially when dandruff peaks during the winters or dry season. This will prevent acne on the chest.


Home Remedies

An assortment of home remedies are available for treating acne on the chest. One of the best ones is to use a pack or combination of aloe vera gel along with some sandalwood paste. This heals the area and prevents itchiness and inflammation.

Apart from this, you can also mix some tea tree oil with regular olive oil or even almond oil to hydrate the skin. Tea tree has antibacterial properties, which prevents acne related infection and allows the skin to heal faster. A combination of oatmeal with milk too can be applied here. Allow the same to dry and then take a bath.

tea tree oil

Avoid Harsh Soaps And Creams

Last but not the least, avoid creams and soaps that are high on chemicals. Certain creams, like lightening or tightening creams are high on toxins that further aggravate the acne. Same goes for soaps too. Make sure you wear light cotton clothing, which will prevent further friction and not trigger off the acne problem.



Herbal Remedies too are a boon in treating acne on the chest. For getting rid of this problem, simply drink a tea made from parsley, turmeric, basil and honey.

This cleanses and detoxifies the system internally and helps in getting rid of toxins and elements in the system, which are a major cause of acne. You can also apply cumin and fenugreek seeds soaked overnight and then made into a paste on the area to prevent marks and get rid of acne.