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10 Important Tips To Increase Libido

[toc]Libido means the desire to have sexual relations. Libido or sex drive is very important ingredient of a happy relationship between two consenting adults. The males are often attributed with high levels of libido and stamina to appease the sexual urge.

Boost Libido

However, in today’s hectic modern world where people are rushed about everything, the libido of a person has also taken a beating. Stress, anxiety, depression, illness, lifestyle etc., are some of the major causes for decrease in libido of both male and female partners. Below mentioned are some easy natural ways to boost the libido of a person.

10 Important Tips To Boost Libido Naturally

Stay In Ship-Shape

Staying healthy and working out regularly helps in toning the muscles of the body and builds the overall stamina of the body. Exercising regularly not only helps in losing those extra pounds but also helps in increasing the overall circulation of blood in the body, thereby boosting libido. It also provides that extra mileage and stamina much-needed for bedroom games.


Regulate Your Drinking

Moderation in alcohol intake is yet another way to increase the sex drive of a person. Alcohol consumption leads to gradual build up of toxins in the body and causes sluggishness, which is not at all good for the libido of a person.

However, little alcohol is not only good for the heart but also relieves anxiety, depression and looses inhibition in people, thereby resulting in increased libido of a person.


Eat Healthily

Eating healthy and nutritional food boosts the overall immunity of the body and helps in keeping maintaining balance of vitamins and minerals in the body.

It also helps in providing energy and increasing the flow of blood to the sex organs of the body, thereby boosting libido of a person. Eating a healthy diet also helps in keeping diseases at bay, thereby contributing to improved sexual desire.

Eat Healthy

Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is one of the most important sex hormone produced in the body which is very necessary for a good sexual appetite. An imbalance of testosterone is attributed to loss in libido and sexual performance in both men and women. Therefore, it is highly advised to keep a regular check on the testosterone levels of the body to keep you ahead in bedroom activities.

Testosterone Levels

Say Goodbye To Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety related to performance in both professional career and sexual performance helps in effectively killing the libido of a person.

It gives rise to self-doubt, nervousness and low self-esteem which are not at all conducive for a good sex life. Therefore, try to be happy, tension free and cultivate a positive attitude to boost that waning libido.


Add Spice To Love Life

Monotony in sex is yet another libido killer, therefore to boost your sex life try experimenting something new whether it be new hairstyle, makeup, dress, earrings, perfume etc., which not only catches his/her attention but also provides you with a mystery.

You can also take help of naughty books, videos and adult magazines to spark the libido of your partner. You can also try making your partner a little bit jealous to provide that extra zing to your sex life.


Create Romantic Environment

There is nothing like good old romance to boost one’s sexual libido instantly. One can take help of light romantic music, scented candles, flowers, muted lights etc., to set up a romantic atmosphere for seducing one’s partner.

This combined with candle light dinner and light wine, goes a long way towards boosting libido of both the partners. One can also try an erotic body  massage using an aromatic oil to enhance the sex drive of the partner.

Romantic Environment

Improve Your Foreplay And Sex Technique

Foreplay is one of the most important aspect of sex. It not only helps in boosting the sex drive of a person but also makes him/her more receptive to bedroom games.

Try introducing lots of foreplay and new sexual positions to improve your partners satisfaction. One can also try experimenting having sex in places other than the bed to break the monotony of sex and boost the libido.


Try Aphrodisiacs

Consuming naturally found herbs and foods which contains aphrodisiac properties can help in increasing the libido of the person. These aphrodisiacs help in improving the circulation of blood to the genital organs, thereby enhancing sexual desire and stamina.

Aphrodisiac Herb like Yohimbine is so effective that it has also been dubbed as natural Viagra. Other famous aphrodisiacs which can be used to boost libido are oysters, honey, figs, almonds, avocado, bananas, basil etc.


Lots Of Patience and Love

Love, compassion and patience towards understanding the partners feelings, like and dislikes goes a long way towards boosting the libido. Accommodating the wishes and overcoming the inhibitions of the partner helps in more satisfying sexual activity.

However, sometimes it is advisable to seek a good sex therapist if nothing seems to be working for you and your partner. The therapist can help to bring things into focus and address issues and inhibitions which hinder libido.


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