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10 Natural Cures For Digestive Problems

Natural Cures For Digestive Problems

[toc]It is said that poor digestion is the root of all illnesses. Why not, it seems convincing even to a layperson. Digestion provides nutrition to the body, if the body does not get proper nutrition, it will not be able to function properly. Digestion can remain healthy only if we take care about maintaining it. Generally, one does not need any medication for digestive ailments.

The common ones are indigestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, acidity and stomach-ache. Natural cures can successfully cure the digestion related problems. Be it indigestion, or poor assimilation, or flatulence, or lack of appetite; think of making use of natural cures before popping in pills. Most likely you will be able to handle the illness completely by following natural healing methods.

10 Natural Cures For Digestive Problems

Skip Meals

Skip Meals For Digestive Problems

Skipping a meal or we may call it fasting, can get you relief from indigestion, loose motions, nausea and stomach ache. You may not eat anything at all if you do not feel like eating. When the body is not prepared to digest food, it is wise to listen to it. The sluggish system will get fine after that.

Massage Your Belly

Massage Your Belly For Digestive Problems

Those who are suffering from constipation are advised to massage their stomach with castor oil. This will ease the movement of bowels. It has been used as a natural cure for constipation all around the world. It can be massaged, as told earlier, but its wider use has been to take it orally. The recommended dose for adults is one tablespoon and for children is one teaspoon. The system will purge itself within five to six hours.

Yoga Postures

Yoga Postures Reduce Digestive Problems

Remember, nothing can beat yoga as far as good digestive health is concerned. Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is a set of 12 poses, which should be practiced everyday to gain control over your digestion related issues. Most of them can be regulated with daily yoga sessions. You do not have to have a very flexible body to do yoga. The only requirement is that you do yoga postures everyday.

Eat Light Food

Eat Light Food For Digestive Problems

We all know well about the curative property of eating a light meal. After all if you have diarrhea, you are not able to digest the meal properly. Hence, it is sensible to eat whatever can be digested easily. Eat rice gruel or have soups to ease out the digestive problems.

Milk and other dairy products are considered heavy on the digestive system. Though, on the contrary curd is one of the best foods to give relief to a tender stomach. All the medical practitioners and doctors advise eating curd during most of the digestive ailments. The live bacteria present in curd and yogurt heal and soothe the frayed intestines, restoring their health.


Drink Fluids

Drink Fluids For Digestive Problems

When you have diarrhoea or vomiting, plenty of water is lost. In such cases, it becomes important to replenish lost water. There are many ways to restoring the balance of liquids. You may drink water in which some fresh lime juice has been added. You should put some sugar and salt as well to make up for the lost electrolytes.

Water will not only restore water-balance, but also flush the toxins out of the body. If you thought that you can drink caffeinated beverages, know well that they are not to be taken if you have dysentery. Please be warned that alcoholic drinks do not replenish the lost fluids, the way the caffeinated beverages do not. However, you have an option available to you, i.e. drinking herbal teas to give back to the desired amount of liquid.

Hot Fomentation

Hot Fomentation For Digestive Problems

Flatulence and stomachache can be effectively tackled with hot fomentation over the affected area. Little children often suffer from stomach ache. If only a hot fomentation is done for 15 minutes or so, chances are that they will feel much better. The same holds true even of adults.

Herbal Options

Fennel Seeds Reduce Digestive Problems

Ginger, fennel, and anise can do wonders to your ailing stomach. For those of you who are suffering from lack of appetite, consume half a tsp of fennel seeds and the same quantity of anise seeds with warm water twice or thrice a day. You may add a pinch of salt or jaggery. This can benefit more than any medicine can.

Ginger can also work to increase the appetite. You can cut julienne of fresh ginger; squeeze the juice of one lime into them and add a pinch of salt. Your appetizing recipe is ready.

Bowel Cleanse

Garlic Reduce Digestive Problems

Those who are suffering from infections or parasites or worms in the bowels, you must consider bowel cleanse. It can be administered at home with ease. You may have to get a lab test of your stool done. Depending upon that test report, if it comes positive, you should do cleanse. For this you may use garlic or pumpkin seeds. Garlic is an effective antibiotic. It can treat the infections of the digestive tract. You may take fresh juice of garlic and add a tsp of honey to half a tsp of garlic juice. This can be taken twice a day.

Then the next in line is a treatment with pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are known to help in getting rid of tapeworms. 25 ounce of pumpkin seeds can be taken twice a day to get the desired result. You can grind these seeds and take them with water or a juice. When you take pumpkin seeds, you should take a laxative along with it so that the worms can get eliminated from your body.

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk Reduce Digestive Problems

Psyllium husk is a well known and a popular which has found a permanent place in many homes, just It is used for easing out motions due to constipation. This is a harmless and easy to use natural cure. It is taken once a day after the dinner. An adult should take 1 tbsp of psyllium husk at night preferably with warm milk. It can also be taken with warm water.

An important prerequisite to be catered to is to drink at least two to three glasses of water after the consumption of this husk. The reason is that this husk swells with water. If water is sufficient in the intestines, then stool can get passed easily, otherwise it causes dryness of the fecal matter, aggravating the constipation instead of giving relief.

Dietary Fiber

Fruits And Vegetables Reduce Digestive Problems

If you have been a non-vegetarian, better be on guard, you need fiber in your diet. Non vegetarian diet is a zero fiber diet.  Eat unpolished rice and whole wheat flour. Refined flour should be a strict no-no. Without the adequate fiber bowel movement can never happen properly. Fiber can help you deal with bowel related issues like constipation, flatulence and lack of appetite.

Raw vegetables and fresh fruits are also fantastic sources of natural fiber. They not only will improve your digestive health, but also save you from many diseases including high cholesterol.

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