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10 Obscure Side Effects Of The Olive Oil

 Obscure Side Effects Of The Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered as one of the essential and healthy oil that can be used by every one for a good health and better living, but in few cases it is found that olive oil may not be useful in the raise of the health, olive oil are used in cooking food, it is used in body massages and in beauty related products, in most the cases olive oil acts to be beneficial, but there are few exceptional cases where the oil has made side effects, so it is very much important to know the side effects so that you can determine whether you should use the olive oil or not and how much proportion should be maintained.

Here Are Some Obscure Side Effects Of The Olive Oil:

1. Increases Acne

Acne are mostly found in the occur in teenagers, which generally is due to the increase of the gland oil in the sebaceous cells in the face, neck, chest or shoulder, one disappears and the other emerges when one heals. So in the cases of acne the olive oil that contains oleic acid generally is not beneficial as the spreading of the bacteria on the skin can be seen which may not be easy to heal. The bacteria may not only spread but it may settle down in such a way on the skin cells that may not be easy to remove, on the other hand may increase the skin problem.


2. Increase Of Blackheads

Blackheads may also increase due to the application of the olive oil, not only olive oil but other oils too can increase the blackheads, the pores in the skin or the hair follicles might get blocked due to the dirt present when in contact with the oil may settle down causing blackheads, it is generally caused due to the accumulation of the dirt in the pores specially in the T section of the face they are the nose and the forehead. So after using any type of oil the face should be properly cleaned with warm and cold water.


3. Causes Rashes

Olive oil can be unsuitable for the oily skin, the sebum in the oil skin are generally uncontrollable so when the oil may come in contact with the oily skin accompanied by the dust, dirt within the skin pores cause rashes on the skin due to unavoidable reactions, so for oily skins it is always better to use oil carefully keeping a clear and clean skin at the same time.


4. Causes Increase Skin Allergies Like Eczema

Eczema is a skin disease which might increase in touch with the olive oil where white patches are formed, it may cause extreme itching and inflammation spreading throughout the body, so it may not be a good decision to use olive oil for eczema on the other hand histamine is released from the skin mast cells to react with the proteins present in the olive oil. So it is better to avoid it, whereas for the skin allergies like eczema corticosteroid lotions and moisturizers can be used instead of olive oil.

Skin Allergies Like Eczema

5. Respiratory Allergies

Olive oil may cause respiratory allergies, inflammation in the chest and the stomach along with bloating or vomiting, which is if prolonged should be consulted to a doctor, in some stages too much of olive oil may lead to asthma, the reason is the oleic acid that increases the lipopolysaccharides (LPS) , so the higher the LPS in the blood the greater is the inflammation in the body, so you should always be careful about the allergies if you have through olive oil or else may lead you to chronic inflammation.

Respiratory Allergies

6. Unsuitable For New Born

New born babies have a very sensitive skin where they are still not accustomed to the environment, therefore applying olive oil may not be a wise decision as it may cause rashes to the body or may have red patches, in some case the irritation due  to the oleic acid may lead to severe skin problem and the skin of the baby may not be ready for the severity, so before trying olive oil or any type of other oil it is always better to consult the doctor for better massage suggestions.

Unsuitable For New Born

7. Causes Of Diarrhea

High content of fat in olive oil lead to stomach disorders or any other gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, it is not easy to digest the olive oil in larger amount, due to the high fat in the oil. This is the reason you should avoid to cook the whole meal with the olive oil,  the higher intake will cause into the lower to the higher form of diarrhea. The digestion of the food full made of the high fat contained food becomes harder for the intestines of the stomach, so a calculated amount of the oil should be added.


8. Low Blood Sugar In Healthy Body

Insulin is resisted by the olive oil, as the fat content in the olive oil, if the production of the insulin  is low in the normal healthy body may lead to the low blood sugar, insulin is required by the body to produce energy in the body and at the same time it work on the glucose in our body, as high fats resist the regular secretion of the insulin and metabolism of the body, too much of olive oil is not good for the health of the body.

Low Blood sugar in healthy body

9. High Calories

Olive oil is contains high calories due to the high fat present in it, so there are higher chances of gaining weight by having food cooked in the olive oil, every single tablespoon contain 120 calories,  4,000 calorie per pound is much more denser than the refined sugar that is 1725 per pound. Therefore the olive oil should not be taken without a particular proportion or you may increase your body weight.

 High Calories

10. Trans Fat Related Diseases

Omega 3 fatty acids are present in the olive oil that may be destroyed or burned when the oil was partially or fully refined during hydrogenation. The omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for the cholesterol where the good cholesterol may not flow through the blood and is replaced by the bad cholesterol which is not at all healthy for our body leading to the heart related diseases.

Trans Fat Related Diseases