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10 Simple Home Remedies For Jaundice

[toc]A condition in which yellow discoloration of the skin occurs along with the appearance of mucous membranes is defined as jaundice. An increase in bilirubin, also known as bile pigments in the blood usually gives rise to this condition. Almost everyone is affected by this highly common disorder of the liver at some time or other in their life.


Some of the factors that actually cause jaundice include blockage in the pile ducts, pancreatic cancer, alcoholic live disease, acute hepatitis and hemolytic anemia. There is no need for panicking if people have been diagnosed with the condition of jaundice because it can be cured with various home remedies.

10 Best Home Remedies For Jaundice


Take 500 ml of water and boil four to five tomatoes in them for fifteen minutes. The boiled tomatoes should now be de-skinned and crushed.

The juice of the tomatoes should be extracted by pressing them onto a sieve. Every morning, people should drink the tomato juice on an empty stomach.


Sugar, Almonds, Cardamoms, Butter and Dates

Take 2 dried dates and add 7 almonds to them. 3 small cardamoms should be added as well and this mixture should be soaked in water and left overnight. The next morning, crush all of these items and make a paste.

One teaspoon of butter and 2 teaspoons of sugar should also be added to the paste. It should then be mixed well. This paste should be taken once on a daily basis.


Turmeric Powder

2 teaspoon turmeric powder should be added to a glass of water. This mixture should be taken thrice on a daily basis. You can have raw tumeric juice here too, this combats the infection inside and helps to purify blood too.


Coriander Seeds

Jaundice can be alleviated naturally with coriander seeds. Take ½  liter of water and soak and boil 2 tablespoon of coriander seeds in it. Sclera and yellowness of the skin can be reduced if people drink around 30 to 50 ml of coriander seeds water. Jaundice can also be combatted if people remember to take tomato juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

A variety of essential nutrients can be found in the juice of this vegetable and these nutrients play the role of detoxifiers. This means that the toxins in the body are eliminated by them.

Coriander Seeds


The use of tulsi leaves is an old standing remedy that has been used for treating jaundice. Take 200 ml of water and add 7 to 8 pounded and crushed tulsi or basil leaves to it. Bile production can be regulated and normal liver function restored by drinking it twice a day.



The best remedy for jaundice is sugarcane. Patients can be nourished and urine can be passed when a glass of sugarcane juice is taken twice or thrice every day. When any kind of infection afflicts the liver, it can become weak. In fact, the liver will not have the strength to recover from the disease even.

But, it can get the energy it needs and gets revitalized when people take a strong, natural and harmless product like sugarcane. Sugarcane can also be an excellent source of carbohydrates during illness because people are usually on a diet when ill and cannot take other carbohydrates.



The patient can be benefitted if they eat fresh radish every day in the morning. The disease can also be cured with the juice of the green leaves of the radish. An adult patient can take half a liter of radish juice every day for a full week.

The blood can be detoxified and excessive bilirubin can be flushed out with the aid of radish juice. It also promotes proper evacuation of the bowels and improves the appetite of the individuals. Likewise, until the jaundice subsides, it is recommended that people drink 4 to 5 glasses of barley water every day.


Lemon or Indian Gooseberries

Consuming lemon or amla juice daily is another easy treatment for jaundice. Blood circulation and damaged liver cells are improved with amla as its laden with Vitamin C.

Liver function and health is restored by amla as it neutralizes radical damage. There are no side effects of this treatment. But, they should be used in combination with medical treatment.



Liver ailments can be treated with all parts of the chicory plant. Seeds, roots and flowers are commonly used. Enlargement of the spleen, obstruction in bile flow and sluggishness of the liver are problems associated with jaundice and are treated with chicory. It also promotes healthy secretion of bile.


Bitter Gourd

Jaundice can be effectively treated with juices of bitter vegetables like bitter gourd. One glass early in the morning is recommended and can be obtained by mashing. This juice helps to flush out the toxins from the digestive tract, which helps in faster healing of jaundice.

bitter gourd

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