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10 Tips On How To Prevent Razor Burn

Ways To Prevent Razor Burn

[toc]It is true that razor burns or razor rash make you think twice about using the blade. It is really irritating because you are constantly scratching the skin and there is a lot of redness and allergic like reaction. These burns are not something serious, but they can keep on recurring every day, if you are not using the right techniques of shaving.

This applies for both men and women because the wrong way of shaving simply means that you are torturing your body. Areas like the face, the bikini lines and the armpits in particular are very prone to this kind of burn or rashes. However, there are some simple steps that can help you prevent these burns from tormenting you-

10 Tips To Prevent Razor Burn

New Razors

New Razors To Prevent Razor Burn

Often, some people tend to use razors that have been rather worn out or are infected with rust or very dirty. Using such infected and old products simply means that you are going to get worse burns. However, changing the razor blades at least every two weeks helps in preventing razor burns. So be on the lookout for such symptoms.

Shave In The Right Direction

Shave In The Right Direction

Going in the wrong direction is a common cause of razor burns. It has been seen that shaving the grain of the hair short requires some strokes that are deliberate in nature. But when you are shaving against the grain, then the chances of having more of irritation along with ingrowths of hair and even inflammation in the skin is very common. What you should do here is head in one direction and opts for shorter strokes. Longer ones tend to be very harsh on the skin and this increased touch with the blade can make the burns occur more frequently.

Begin With Hot End With Cold

Hot Water To Prevent Razor Burn

This is based on the simple formula of hot water opening the pores and the cold water ceasing it. You should begin shaving using hot water and that too in a humid room if available. There should be no fog on the mirror of course. In case hot water is not available, do a hot water compress right before shaving and then once you are done, splash on cold water. Doing so helps the pores to close again and cools them too. This prevents razor burns.

Shaving In The Night

Shaving In The Night To Prevent Razor Burn

It is suggested that you shave in the night instead of the mornings. This is specially suggested for some areas of the body that are prone to chemical applications. For instance, one tends to apply deodorants on the armpits and this leads to more of a burning sensation and burning. Also, as one does sweat more during the day, the chances of these burns getting worse are common.

But when you shave at night, you should wash out the deodorants and perfumes. As you rest through the night, the skin too gets some rest and this in turn prevents razor burns. It also means that the bacteria growth risks are minimized, thanks to no sweat and dirt.

Shower Shave

Shower Shave To Prevent Razor Burn

A lot of girls believe in shaving in the shower to prevent itchiness and rashes post the shave. Well the simple fact here is that shaving in the shower is much easier as compared to regular shaving, especially on the body. When you are in the shower, especially the hot one, the pores open up and the skin is more ready for the blade. Another factor here is that using soap and bathing gels, provides moisture for the skin, which again makes shaving much simpler. So even if you cannot do the stubble, it makes sense to shave the other body parts here.


Clean Razors With Soap To Prevent Razor Burn

Believe it or not, but hygiene plays a crucial role in taking care of razor burns. These burns are often a cause of stored up bacteria, which happens because of unclean razors and blades. What you need to do here is dip the razor in some antiseptic solution and clean it with soap water, post every use. Doing so helps the skin to remain free from infections, especially if you cut yourself accidentally. It also means that the life of your razor is improved. With a cleaner blade, you can also go ahead with a smoother shave, because there are no build ups.


Alcohol To Prevent Razor Burn

Dipping the blade in the alcohol before rinsing off the face is also a great way to avoid burns. What happens here is that alcohol helps to get rid of tiny organisms that form and grow on the teeth of the blade. These are often not removed with just soap and water. While doing the final shape, you should dip the blade in some alcohol and then rinse well. Preventing these organisms, from constantly attacking the skin helps in avoiding razor burns.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera To Prevent Razor Burn

A natural solution for razor burns is the gel of Aloe Vera. It is available in easily in most homes and all that you have to do is apply the same on the face, post every shave or whatever part of the body you have shaved. Aloe has soothing properties that helps one in preventing infections and also heals cuts. It doesn’t allow the rash to occur in the first place and if you do get it, the same heals very fast.

Moisturizing Or After Shave Creams And Lotions

After Shave Creams To Prevent Razor Burn

Using after shave lotions, creams or even wipes are suggested for preventing razor burns. These immediately nourish and moisturize the skin, which is very important after the wear and tear of the blade. You can buy anything that is available over the counter and suits your skin.


Ice To Prevent Razor Burn

Ice compress or cold water towels are highly recommended for skin that is sensitive to razor burns. Both these ingredients cool the skin, close the pores and thus help in restoring the normalcy levels. Iced water is also a simple way to keep burns at bay. Last but not the least; make sure that you keep the razor stored in a safe and hygienic place. Wash it prior and post every use to avoid razor burns.