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10 Top Home Remedies For Bursitis

[toc]So you had a long and nice day and when you are heading home you feel a slight discomfort in the shoulder. You tend to ignore it and get set with your chores like taking out stuff from the ladder and cooking, but this dull pain seems to just get worse and you think that you are actually getting arthritis or getting old. But this is very different. This pain is very close to the joint, but bursitis is a different problem and needs a different solution.

8 Remedies For Bursitis

Basically the powerful inflammation of what is known as the bursa is termed as bursitis. It occurs due to bruises and bumps or even repeated abuse of a particular region. If not treated on time, this problem can get worse and lead to a lot of pain. It can occur anywhere in the body, including the knee, shoulders, hands, etc. Here are some home remedies that will provide you respite from the same.

10 Home Remedies For Bursitis

Hot And Cold Compress

Over the years, one of the most effective home solutions for getting rid of different kinds of pain and inflammations has been hot and cold compress. The idea of doing it alternatively is to help reduce the swelling and inflammation in the region, which in turn helps in relieving the pain too. All that you have to do is take a bucket of hot water and some frozen ice packs from the refrigerator.Then you have to given alternative compress on the given area for at least 20 minutes. Start with the hot first and then move on to the cold. This helps in instant soothing and provides relief from the pain too. This should be done at least 3-4 times a day so that the swelling comes down.

Cold Compress


Physio therapy and exercise is one of the best means of getting rid of the bursitis pain. Remember, if it is very difficult for you to perform any of these exercises, you can also away take help. One of the best exercises here is also called the itsy bitsy spider, where one has to crawl on the floor or even pretend to crawl on the wall with similar movements like that of a spider.Take your hands and slowly move them up the wall like a spider does. This is great for the shoulders area but make sure that the motion is slow or else you can get hurt.


Cat Stretch

Another effective exercise here is the cat stretch, which is taken from the yoga exercises. Here you have to get down on all four and keep the hands slightly ahead of the head. Then keep the elbows straight and stretch backwards while you come down on the heels. The following exercise helps to loosen the joints of the shoulders along with the spine and other muscles too and helps in reducing bursitis pain and inflammation.

exercise cat stretch

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An effectual solution to get rid of bursitis is to opt for acupuncture. Basically this is the method of inserting a needle on certain locations of the body, which are pressure points and help in reducing pain. As the needle is inserted initially, one can feel a sharp sting or even sensation like that of a prickly needle.But this pain is just temporary and you will forget the same soon. The points of insertion are beneficial in reducing swelling and providing relief from the pain of bursitis. It can be done for all kinds of bursitis pains including the knee, heels, etc.


Vitamin C

It is said that vitamin C is one of the best ailments to keep bursitis pain at bay and also get respite from the pain and swelling. The juice has antioxidants and other nutrients that aids in faster recovery and thus it proves to be a great natural remedy for bursitis. The vitamin c may not aid in the right formation of the bursa, but it sure curbs the pain. You can either drink lots of fresh orange juice for this, or have vitamin C from other sources like Indian gooseberries, broccoli, etc.

vitamin c foods


Pineapple is a fruit that is very understated. And this can be said correctly, when you see the healing properties it  contains. This fruit has bromelain, which is basically an enzyme that helps to lower inflammation along with swelling that is responsible for bursitis and other kinds of injuries. It eases inflammation and also keeps the swelling at bay.



Turmeric, both in raw or even fresh forms has been know to reduce inflammation and also provide a lot of relief from pain. It contains curucmin, which is known to have effects similar to cortisone, but sans any kinds of risk. You can have a tea spoon of the freshly grind juice of turmeric, or also have it in your food. It can be made into a paste and also applied on the area of pain.


Castor Oil

Compress using castor oil is known to be highly effective in treating bursitis. According to experts, this lubricant works as well as a hot compress and can be directly applied on the area or massaged. You can also heat it up, apply on the effected area and then follow with a hot compress. The muscles will get respite almost immediately.

castor oil


The root of the ginger has been used commonly for getting respite from inflammation related issues for centuries. You can make the juice out of a crushed or freshly grounded root ginger and then apply it on the skin. If you want, you can also make some tea from ginger and then drink it at least 2-3 times a day to relieve the pain.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar too can be used for treating bursitis. Again, you have to make a compress using the same, rather than merely applying it. Mix the vinegar with water, about 2 cups should do for a liter of water and then heat it. To this solution you can also add a small pinch of cayenne pepper. The liquid can be boiled well and then you can do a compress using a clean towel.

apple cider vinegar

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