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10 Ways To Treat Smelly Feet

Ways To Treat Smelly Feet

[toc]There are various conditions that people have to face not as a health problem or an illness and neither as a serious hazard to the body but mostly ones that cause a lot of embarrassment in public. These conditions; however is definitely a result of the way the body functions but then it is very important to get rid of it to ensure that you do not spoil your reputation among a group of people.

Talking about these crises, one of the most common ones is that of smelly feet. It is usually a bad odor coming from the feet. According to researchers, at least 5 out of every 10 people complain of having smelly feet at some or the other point of their lives. There can be a lot of causes that lead to smell from the foot but then you should rather concentrate on the treatments.

This list below does exactly the same for those who suffer from smelly feet. It gives some of the top notch remedies that if followed with loyalty can give excellent results. Check them out and include them in the daily habits as much as possible.

Various Ways To Treat Smelly Feet

Tea Rinse

Tea Rinse For Smelly Feet

One of the simple yet very effective ways to ensure proper treatment of smelly feet is that of a tea rinse. A quart of lukewarm water can be taken and about 2 tea bags can be brewed in it. This water should be used to feet soak at night for about 10 minutes each day. The enzymes known as tannic acid help in killing the bacteria that causes the bad smell in the feet. Continue this recipe until the problem subsides completely and gives you smell free feet. This is also an affordable remedy on the pocket that makes it all the more demanded.

Soak In Apple Cider Vinegar

Soak Feet In Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of those liquids that have innumerable benefits attached for the body, hair and skin. Herein, it proves to be a wonderful liquid to treat smelly feet as well. All you need to do is dilute a few teaspoons of this liquid with water each day and soak the feet in it for about 10 minutes. It is one of the efficient methods to treat the crisis. However, make sure you pat dry the feet immediately after the soak for preventing bacteria re growth. This will help you achieve the aims perfectly.

Wash It Well

Wash Feet Properly

One of the obvious treatments and one that most of us tends to avoid unconsciously is to maintain proper hygiene and cleansing of the feet. For those who are suffering regularly from smelly feet should know that washing it at least twice daily is very significant.

Smell often is caused because of the sweat glands in the feet that produce perspiration that has a bad odor. To remove the bacteria you can always wash it either with plain water or rinse it with water mixed with a little antiseptic. Make sure you dry the feet with towel after that.

Foot Powder

Foot Powder For Smelly Feet

Before wearing the socks and the shoes, use some foot powder on the area which is easily available in the market today. Make sure that the powder that you pick from the racks has a certain level of aluminum chloride hexahydrate in it to give you ideal outcomes. This should be used once daily. Do not increase the number of uses as it may dry out the skin in the feet.


Cornstarch For Smelly Feet

One of the easy, convenient, safe and extremely effective methods that help in the treatment of smelly feet is the use of cornstarch. This can be sprinkled on the feet before you wear your usual sock and shoes. It helps in controlling the extreme sweat in the feet which is responsible for bad odor. The natural product is easily available in the market and quite cheap in expense. Use it daily until you get the smelly feet completely treated.

Foods To Eat And To Avoid

Fruits & Vegetables For Smelly Feet

On one hand where nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts will help you in maintaining proper body functioning and control the perspiration that in turn will treat smelly feet, on the other, make sure you avoid eating some foods. These foods lead to all the more odor from the sweat and worsen the situation. Try and stay away from garlic, onions, peppers and scallions as much as possible. The powerful aroma can be easily contributing to the smell from the feet. This will always hamper your aim to treat bad odor in the feet.

Stay Stress Free

Stay Stress Free

Want to get rid of that intolerable smell from the feet? Stress is one of the causes that lead to extreme sweat in the body including the feet. Once you know proper stress management, you have easily taken the right direction of treatment for smelly feet. Stress reducing therapies and techniques and yoga and meditation can help in reducing the sweat and thus treat the odor in the feet.

Drink Fluids As Much As Possible

Drink Water

Drinking plain and filtered water will help in regulating the body functions and prevent you from sweating with bad odor. This has a lot of other benefits as well including the gradual treatment for smelly feet. All you need to do is have about 8 glasses of water each day to reap maximum benefits. Apart from this, you can have fresh fruit juices, coconut water and herbal teas as well.

Change The Socks

Change The Socks For Smelly Feet

The socks that you wear should be changed daily and the used ones should be given for laundering in proper antiseptic lotion. Using fresh and clean socks everyday will ensure that there is no accumulation of bacteria in the feet that leads to bad smell. This is one of the tips through which you can actually keep the crisis at bay without much effort.

Keep Changing The Shoes

Keep Changing The Shoes For Smelly Feet

Another of the important tip to treat smelly feet is to keep on using different pairs of shoes everyday. This will also help in getting you rid of the bad odor from the feet.

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