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13 Amazing Health Benefits Of Calendula

Calendula officinalis whose common name is pot marigold, from the asteracae family, and genus calendula which is a herbaceous plant, flowers are of bright yellow or orange colors of disc like florets, it is a perennial plant, though it stays throughout the year treated as the annual plant, in the presence of the hot sunny weather calendula plant can grow in almost every soil and survive, this is the reason it is said that it is easy to grow, the plants grow in the time span of 60 days from the day the seeds of the plants are sown. The leaves of the calendula plants are simple and are spirally arranged throughout the stem with disc or ray florets, calendula are used as the food plants for the gothic moth, cabbage moth or large yellow underwing.

 Amazing Health Benefits Of Calendula:

1. Healthy Aromatic And Edible Plant:

Oleanolic acid is present in calendula, it has the properties of anti bacterial, antiseptic and antioxidants which are beneficial for the human body. Cartenoids are antioxidants that is required by the body to fight diseases, beta carotene and lutein are good for the eye vision,  Vitamin A is present that can be responsible for a healthy skin and eyes. The calendula are generally used as culinary use where you can replace dried petals of the calendula in the place of the saffron.

Tea is also  beneficial with the calendula flower extracts, leaves can be used in the making of the salads, the herbal plant is edible so utilize it in your meal that will give you chances to reduce body illness, apart from it giving a good flavor to savor the food and other hand a  beautiful aroma from your soup in your supper keeping you away from diseases and making you healthy [1].

2. Anti Oxidants Reduces Wounds:

Calendula heals the two part skin injuries or wounds within a very short span of time because of the chemicals present in calendula. The process is the traditional which is still used in modern herbal medicines, some wounds are of less depth and some cuts are of higher depths which requires aiding for proper healing, calendula has the healing property, the presence of the anti oxidants and the minerals present in the flower plant helps in the curing of the wound forming of the scab from below the tissues and the epidermal cells, calendula helps in the formation of the new tissues on the wounded area [2].

3. Caffeic Acid Property Heals Burns:

The antioxidants present in the calendula heals the inflammation and the burns, it contains the phytochemicals that also caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and rutin .  Caffeic acid is  has the property of the anti inflammation which is the reason calendula helps in reducing the pain or inflammation due to the burn on the skin,  Chlorogenic acid  also have the anti inflammatory property, the rutin is present in the calendula which is mostly used in the medicinal purposes, rutin works as anti oxidant and anti bacterial which is very much required for the medicinal treatment on the burns to avoid any bacterial or fungal infection the burns [3].

4. Anti Inflammatory:

The property of the anti inflammatory in the calendula makes it important in herbal medicines , the linoleic acid present in it give it a property of the anti inflammation and at  the same time in anti fungal , which reduces the pains or any infections on the skin of the body, it is also edible which can reduce your internal fungal infections or any sort of inflammation within the body. The ulcers or gastritis can be treated through the calendula plants, the unsaturated fatty acids are responsible for the property of the anti inflammation of the calendula which helps in the reduction of the pain and burning sensation within the body [4].

5. Helps In Reducing Dermatitis Or Any Other Skin Infections:

Antimicrobial and anti inflammatory that helps in the reducing of the sores and swelling in the body, it works on the eczema and dermatitis as it helps in the stimulation of the collagen that induces the healing of the skin infections. Few skin infections occurring through the yeast infection due to fungus on the skin reduces through the calendula properties. The unsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids work on the skin diseases to heal reducing the swelling , sores and the pain occurring on the surface of the skin. Calendula is therefore applied in the form of an ointment or lotion or any included in any other medicines to heal the skin diseases [5].

6.Works On Cold And Respiratory Infections:

Cold and cough are cause due to the virus that creates blockages in the respiratory tracts, it infects the respiratory tracts giving rise to the disease known as influenza. Influenza being a viral infectious disease can be treated with calendula officinalis which contains the anti viral property, this property helps in reducing the effect of the cough and cold. The blockages created in phlegm can be made free along with the mucus present in the nostrils, it is used in the medicinal use to treat various virus infected diseases, few use it in a traditional way trying some home remedies which are really helpful [6].

7. Diaper Cream Calendula Present As Anti Bacterial Property:

Infants or new born babies have a soft and delicate skin therefore wearing of the regular diaper and random use of diaper in infants leads to the infections, the infection is due to the wetness of the urine collected in the diaper, the rashes or infection can be cured through the diaper creams which includes the calendula as an ingredient in the cream because it has the anti bacterial property and the presence of zinc oxide that do not allow the wet moisture to enter the skin , which can help in soothing the rashes of the skin of the infants. Calendula is one of the natural element that is used  to reduce the infections, with a pleasant odor of the cream, the calendula not only can work on the rashes but infection like eczema or any other skin boils due to fungus and help in curing the skin diseases [7].

8. Reduces Eye Strains:

Strains in your eyes can be for various reasons such as blepharitis causes itching, irritation or inflammation, keratitis may cause an infection that can be serious, ocular rosacea that may cause inflammation in the eyes and some allergies are possible due to dust, smoke or any types of irritants, swollen of the eyes are commonly seen in eye infections [8].

The herbal plant calendula is one of the best natural medicine that can help in reducing of the swollen eyes and infections caused due to the allergies, it acts as an antiseptic that helps in reducing the pain or inflammation in the eyes ,apart from it the herbal medicine can be taken internally or externally but required to be used after consulting a doctor the appropriate of using the medicine. Calendula can be used as eye drops or any sort of ointment  which may be capable of reducing most of the eye irritations if applied appropriately.

 9. Works On Gums And Dental Diseases:

Calendula reduces gum diseases, gum bleeding, swollen gums or any other infections due to the storage of the junk foods inside the mouth. Washing of the mouth is very essential to keep the mouth clean so that there are less chances of severe dental problems or mouth sores or ulcers, calendula use is a traditional form for a good dental health, various home remedies are available that can be experienced with calendula or it is also used in the medicinal form that can be used as mouth wash or the toothpastes that will take care of the dental health and at the same time reduce the  problems or dental diseases. It has almost no side effects because of being a natural herb clears the bad breathe of the mouth giving a freshness reducing bacteria along with the infections of the gingivitis, the antiseptic property of calendula reduces the gum bleeding, making it a useful product.

9. Reduces Muscle Strains And Pains:

Muscle pain may be due to any injury to the muscles whereas strain may occur due to the any cramps or stiffness after exercise or any other reason. The muscle strains and pains may occur to any age group depending upon the work that a body may do whether it may be injury while playing or an exercise.

Calendula is an oldest form of the pain reliever so it is even used in the modern times because of the antiseptic and anti inflammatory property, it is a wound healer which can be used all alone or it may be used with other herbal products that will make a good and fast recovery of the strains and pain of the muscle. There are various home remedies which are even use today that has passed through several generation, calendula being a traditional herbal plant used in the reducing of the muscle strain and pain [9].

10. Macula Degeneration And Cataract:

Macula degeneration and cataract are the two diseases found in the elder which causes difficulty in their visions, macula is a spot in the retina of the eyes that causes the sharpness in the vision may degenerate along with the age of the people, the macular spot requires the lutein which is the enzyme present in the calendula, the extracts of the lutein are yellow in color which exhibits a gap between the cell and the peroxide in the vitro in more better than the carotenes present in other vegetables. Cataract chances can be reduced by the antioxidants they are the beta carotene and the phytochemicals present in the vegetables or the calendula flowers, the carotenes are of different types such as beta carotene or the alpha carotenes of yellow color can make the eyes vision clearer.  Calendula may be defined as the property to work on the visions of the eyes.

11. Astringent Property:

Ulcers may occur due to the wrong eating habits which causes various types of difficulties in digestions and health problems, to avoid ulcers the irritants should be avoided that causes an further complications to the diseases, such as tobacco which is irritant, milk though gives the body calcium to strengthen the bones and teeth but it may initiate the size of the ulcers to increase. Calendula has the astringentic property which helps in reducing the pain within the body that helps in the reduction of the gastrointestinal problems, it may help in the reduction of the lesions of the nerves in the stomach and pain because of the anti inflammatory property, the internal body problems of the pains can be reduced through the flower [11].

12. Anti Fungal Property:

Calendula is used as an antiseptic because of the anti fungal property, hydroalcoholic is responsible for the anti fungal property, the extracts of the calendula such as the hydroethanolic that is associated with the healing of the wounds by increasing the collagen production of the cells of the human body, it also increases the blood circulation of the body.

Calendula are therefore found to be used in the surgeries to heal the wounds or any types of injuries, the anti fungal or antiseptic property of the flower ca be found in the form of lotion, ointment or any other types of medicines required for the different types of the health and wound or injury related issues, the enzymes present in the flowers are beneficial [12].

Anti Fungal Property

13. Traditional Use Herbs:

Calendula is used as the the traditional medicines in the herbal medicines because of the various importance of the extracts of the calendula. Anti inflammatory, anti  bacterial, anti viral or the anti fungal properties of calendula has provided a great emenity in the preparation of the herbal medicines that is carried in the traditional form, one of the natural herbs or plant that are used due in the preparation of the medicines [13].

Antiseptic creams, medicines are made from the extracts of the calendula, due to the anti bacterial property. It is used in both the internal and the external herbal medicinal uses along with the edible property of the natural herbs.