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14 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pineapples

Pineapple is a tropical edible fruit, one of the fleshy and juicy delicious fruit, it can be eaten fresh, cooked or in preserved. Ananas comosus is the scientific name of pine apple, it has a high range of health benefits, due to the presence of traces of the minerals, micronutrients and bioactive compounds such as bromelian that helps in reducing various diseases and preventing few diseases. Pine apples are spiny like coverings with the green , yellow or orange colors, due to the presence of the beta carotene, the antioxidants present  in the fruit also reduces or prevents few diseases.

The Health Benefits Of The Pineapples Contents Are Defined:

1. Reduces The Risk Of  Cardio Vascular Diseases:

Potassium present in the human body as K+ within the blood and the fluid is very important for the normal heart beat rate, maintaining the proper blood circulation, presence of the vitamin C and potassium that is present in, pine apple is rich in potassium and vitamin C, helps in preventing the cardio vascular diseases. Pineapple consists of few other mineral in low concentration that is required by the body, pineapple fruit is highly notable due to the low presence of the sodium, most of the potassium content is found in the muscle tissues of the body [1].

Reduces The Risk Of Cardio Vascular Diseases

2. Anti Inflammatory:

Pineapple is bromelian rich fruit and manganese are presents in traces, the bromelian, which works in reducing the swells, sores or any sort of pain and injuries within the body. The manganese is required by the enzymes as it is the co factor for energy in the body along with it is antioxidant defensive. It also reduces the inflammation of the gout or arthritis due to the presence of the bromelian enzyme, bromelian is one of the powerful enzymes that acts as the anti inflammatory, thus eating pine apple regularly may help to reduce pain and injury [2].

Anti Inflammatory

3. Helps In Digestions:

Digestion can be improved by the intake of the pine apple regularly, the enzymes present within the pine apple such as the bromelian helps in the proper digestion by the breakdown of the proteins and reducing the constipation. It contains trace mineral zinc that helps in the synthesis of the carbohydrates, proteins, nuclei acid which helps in  the proper digestion. The enzymes and minerals present helps in stabilizing the cell membranes of the stomach and the body. It reduces acidity or gas problems or ulcers  giving a healthy stomach and healthy digestion [3].

Helps In Digestions

4. High Fiber:

Pine apples are rich in fiber which helps in keeping you healthy, it has less fat and this is the reason high fiber helps in the weight loss without any side effects, the antioxidants present maintains the cholesterol level and reduces the bad cholesterol level, diseases like diabetes can be controlled by the high fibers present in it as there is the normal secretion of insulin required by the body apart from these it reduces the obesity problem in the body. Pine apple is less in calories that will make your stomach full with less weight gain, providing other benefits to the body [4].

5. Rich In Calcium:

The mineral calcium is present in a high amount in the pineapples about 13mg/100 grm, that is required by the human body. The calcium are stored in the skeletons of our body and the teeth, about 1% is used by the blood and soft tissues. It has different biological importance  helps in carrying any charge throughout the membranes, it act as a co factor for regulatory proteins in the body. The higher the calcium gets collected the stronger are the bones of the body and the teeth, it reduces the inflammation in the joints due to arthritis or osteoarthritis [5].

6. Reduces Cough And Cold:

The antiviral property of the pineapple due to presence of ascorbic acid and helps in reducing and preventing cough and cold within the body, the blockages present within the respiratory tract due to the cough  and the mucus in the tract can be released by the ascorbic acids.  Ascorbic acids are rich in vitamin  C which can work on giving a relieve from the cough and cold. Influenza being viral can attack the respiratory organs easily so the ascorbic acid reduces the chances of being  attacked  by the contaminated virus. It is  not only anti viral but anti bacterial, anti fungal that work on the body with natural or traditional medicines.[6]

Reduces Cough And Cold

7. Improves Mental Health:

Pineapple contains copper which is involved with enzyme to strengthens the connective tissues of the body, on the other hand the neurotransmitters will be strong due to the presence of the copper, it is present in a very small amount in the sources though helpful in maintaining the blood circulation of the whole body that helps the brain to relax due to the proper blood circulation, tryptophan amino acid is responsible for the proper hormone secretion for a healthy mental growth and the amino acid that initiates the body to work and that will provide energy to the brain and the body to function properly [7].

 Improves Mental Health

8. Immune Booster:

Vitamin C and other categories of vitamins  present in the pineapple an edible fruit that helps in developing the immunity system. The presence of the ascorbic acid and the antioxidants boosts the immunity system of the body. It repairs the connective tissues of the body that helps in immuning the body changes, the antioxidants synthesizes the collagen that helps in developing higher energy , vitamin C is a water soluble antioxidants required by the body that helps in reducing the diseases such as fever, cold and flu, it reduces the symptoms accordingly  it gives benefit with  the immune booster to the body [8].

Immune Booster

9. Presence Of Iron:

Traces of iron are present in pineapples, iron helps in carrying the oxygen carrier proteins and the in the formation of hemoglobin in the red blood cells, myoglobin in the muscles. The intake of the pineapple juice increases the hemoglobin or blood within the body. The iron in the body is concentrated storage form in the bone marrow, spleen and the liver,  iron is the necessary component for the various enzymes in the body. Therefore iron present in the pineapple helps in the various important functions of the body from the structure of the bones to the muscles and flow of the blood in the body [9].

Presence Of Iron

10. Amino Acid Content:

The main amino acids found in pineapple are tryptophan and trypsin, few undigested proteins which the body cannot digest is first neutralized by the enzymes before taking its path to the small intestine, the enzymes that help in cutting the protein for digestion. The trypsin enzymes slices the proteins to amino acids, the body also requires enzymes such as the phenylalanine which the body does not produce or make, it is taken within the body from the external source of food such as pineapple. The dietery protein is converted to the amino acids and this passes throughout the blood as protein is a necessary requirement for the body [10].

11. Bio Active Compounds:

The pineapple compounds have an availability to the bio active compounds mainly the enzyme bromelian which has stabilized the small intestinal phase. The physiochemical and the functional groups helps in the role of interaction with the polyphenols, that may help in the digestion process along with the healthy colon as the polyphenols present where the free radical move freely and decrease the activity of the dietary pro oxidants along with it helps in the digestion throughout the gastro intestinal tract. It works on the worm infestations [11].

12. Reduces The Risk Of Macular Degeneration:

The presence of  thiamine, vitamins, beta carotene in the pine apple therefore helps in the reducing the risk of the macular degeneration and many eye vision diseases such as night blindness. The macular degeneration occur mainly due to the old age people where the retina is effected or damaged with the loss of the vision and thus the presence of   beta carotenein pineapples  helps in reducing the disease and the vitamins present reduce other forms the eye diseases [12].

Reduces The Risk Of Macular Degeneration

13. Flavonoids:

Flavonoids are responsible for working on the collagens, they maintain the protein level with the tissues of the body, the flavonoids are antioxidants that are nutritious and required by the human body for various health purposes. The  flavonoids present in the pine apple are natural source for the ailment of few diseases, it works as a natural medicine, selenium zinc, sodium and the beta carotene are the flavonoids that are used in traditional medicinal purposes. Flavonoids are also responsible for the anti inflammation property within the body [13].

14. Micronutrients:

Pine apple are filled with micronutrients rich in vitamins specially vitamin C , biotin,.choline, folate , though the micronutrients are required in a very low amount but it is necessary for the body. The micronutrients help in the metabolic process  of the body and at the same time helps in the reduction of the stress or anxiety, vitamin C  that is ascorbic acid is present in the fruit that can help in reducing Alzheimer diseases, it helps in healing of the burns or irritation in the body behaving as an anti inflammatory [14].

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