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4 Causes Of Bend Penis

[toc]A small amount of curvature in the penis is normal. In fact, in a healthy adult male, the penis usually hangs to the right or left depending on habit and comfort. This bending is usually due to individual anatomy. However, sometimes the bend penis can cause problems during intercourse of physical activity.

Bend Penis

When this happens, the condition may be serious and it may require medical intervention. To help you understand what happens in bend penis, we have created a short guide that should prove helpful.

4 Different Causes Of Bend Penis

A completely erect penis is usually straight and it does not bend to any side. However, there are chances that the penis will bend to the right or left. The condition can be termed abnormal ‘bend penis’ when the patient experiences pain during sexual intercourse or during micturition. The most common causes of bend penis include the following –

Fractured Penis

It’s difficult to understand how an organ can get fractured but it does happen. An engorged penis is stiff as it is filled with blood but sudden movement during this stage can damage it by tearing apart the muscle tissue in the organ. This can happen during aggressive sexual intercourse or during aggressive masturbation. The common symptoms for a fractured bend penis are severe pain accompanied with bruising and blood around the penile opening.

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Peyronie Disease

This is a very common condition seem in men over the age of 40. The penis develops scar tissue along its length and the tip of the penis bends upward. The scar tissue is not dangerous or harmful but they can produce a great deal of pain. Along with the pain, it is difficult to achieve penetration and the other partner complains of pain during intercourse as well.

Peyronie Disease

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Hypospadias is a relatively common condition with 1 in 10 men being born with this condition. The urinary opening is located on the undersurface of the penis and this affects the penis when it is erect. However, this is an easily treatable condition.



A bend in the penis is normal in some men when the penis is flaccid. However, during erection it usually is completely straight. In a few rare individuals, it may bend to one side but this will not affect performance or activity.

The Bottom Line

Treating your bend penis is easy if you know the underlying medical problem. Usually, a bent penis is not a medical emergency. However, if you experience severe pain, bleeding, bruising in the penis shaft and around the penis head; get in touch with a medical professional immediately. Be particularly careful if you find it difficult to urinate and if your penis leaks blood in the urine.

The doctor will  carry out investigations like ultrasounds, x-rays with contrast medium and scans. Medications, surgery and injections are available to ensure that the penis is restored to normal. We recommend you get in touch with an urologist as quickly as possible to ensure that your reproductive health is ensured.

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