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4 Useful Tips For Sagging Breasts

[toc]Human body tends to lose skin elasticity with age. The most visible effects are seen on facial skin. There is one more body part which is also severely affected by lose skin. It is the skin of the breast that starts to sag tremendously with growing age. Sagging breasts does cause any harm other than making the female body look deformed.

Sagging Breasts

Not only age, but the weight of the breasts also contributes to the sagginess. Due to heavy weight, breasts are tremendously pitted against gravity and lose elasticity gradually. The popular treatment for sagging breast is cosmetic surgery which is not possible for common people as it is an expensive treatment. However, you can avoid sagging breasts by following simple tips without going under the knife. Here are some tips to prevent sagging breasts.

4 Tips For Sagging Breasts

Change Bra Frequently

Bra fabric gets weakened and stretches with time. It has been found that even the best quality bras have a life span of six to nine months. With the passage of time, the breasts stretch the cup size of the bra. Also, due to regular washing and drying, the fabric of the bra is often weakens.

Therefore, it is recommended to replace old bras frequently. Moreover, you can take certain precaution to keep your bra in perfect shape. Always hand wash the bra in cold water, harsh machine wash may impact on the material of the bra. Also, never heat your bras as heat weakens the elasticity of the bra.


Massage your Breast

Massage is beneficial for ever part of the body including breasts. Regular massage in any part of the body improves blood circulation which ensures adequate oxygen supply to the tissues and the muscles. Same thing happens when you massage your breasts.

Breasts are supplied with enough oxygen which helps to enhance collagen growth and improves elasticity. It overall uplifts the breast and reduces the sagginess. So, make a habit of massaging your breasts with oil if not daily then two or three times a week.

massage breast

Breast Feeding

Many women afraid of breast feeding as it tremendously affects breast size and shape. But avoiding breasts feeding may not be the solution to prevent sagging breast. If you do so, your baby will not get necessary nutrients that are only present in mother’s milk. With breast feeding you can also reduce the chances of getting breast cancer.

Rather you should try a position to breast feed where your baby should not pull the breasts which cause sagging breasts. Inspite of placing your baby on your lap, take the support of a chair or couch so that your baby can sit high on your arms. Moreover, let your baby suck from the side instead of below.

Breast Feed

Control Your Weight

Some women have the tendency to gain weight around chest whereas others gain weight at hip area. This is determined by the genetic makeup of your body. You could not do anything about this. Whenever you gain weight, your breasts also increase in size and weight and increase the chances of sagging breasts. So, keep a watch on your weight if you want to prevent sagging breasts.

manage weight

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