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5 Amazing Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt

Amazing Benefits Of Pink Himalayan SaltHimalayan pink salt is a type of rock salt naturally found in some of the Himalayan regions of Punjab in Pakistan. It is used as a cooking salt, bathing salt as well as in salt lamps, as therapeutic treatments. It is considered to be the most naturally found cleanest and beneficial salts available on the earth. It is being widely used for its various medicinal as well as culinary properties. The salt is unprocessed unlike table salt that goes through a series of processing. All the essential minerals naturally found in the salt remains intact and free from harsh processing and toxic elements.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt.

1. Improves Digestion

Pink Himalayan salt is used to prepare a sole, which is a saline water solution that helps in flush out wastes and toxins and cleansing the system. With this salt, you can prepare a saturated solution by adding it to purified water. Regular dose of the sole therapy helps in improving the digestion system. It works by balancing the acids in the stomach, boost the peristalsis, and aid in the secretion of digestive juices by the liver as well as the pancreas. It helps in maintain a healthy balance of acids and alkaline and boost metabolism. [1]
Improves Digestion

2. Maintains PH Balance

pH imbalance leads to health related issues which is associated with poor immune system. This may lead to loss of bone mass and density, obesity and stone formation in the kidneys. Ideally, we should have a pH of 6.5 to 7.5 in the saliva, while the pH level of urine should be approximately 6.5. Himalayan pink salt helps in restoring the pH levels. However, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, it is best to seek the approval of your doctor before its intake. [2] 
Maintains PH Balance

3. Relieves Muscle Inflammation

Muscle soreness is caused primarily due to day to day activities and workouts. Lack of minerals and other essential nutrients also lead to muscle soreness and cramps. Taking a hot bath with pink Himalayan salt infused water relaxes the muscles and reduces stiffness and body ache. It is effective in relieving cramps in the muscles. The essential minerals present in it like potassium, calcium and magnesium speeds up the healing of muscle damage. Pink Himalayan salt also helps in healing and soothing the sore soft tissues. [3] 
Relieves Muscle Inflammation

4. Improves Respiration

Himalayan pink salt has been used since ages for its medicinal, therapeutic and holistic properties, especially in ancient Greece, Europe and in Indian Ayurveda and Yoga. It is antimicrobial, antibacterial and antioxidant in nature. It is popularly used as an inhaler in salt-air therapies, that helps in purifying and cleansing the lungs as well as the whole respiratory system, including the throat and nose. It is effective in getting relief from asthma, sinus and bronchitis. [4] 

5. Provides Relief From Insomnia

Pink Himalayan salt is effective in improving sleep. It is enriched with essential minerals that help in inducing better and more restful sleep. An interesting co-ordination between salt and sleep is that including adequate amount of salt in your daily diet helps in getting a good night’s sleep naturally. If you are suffering from any sleep disorder, pink Himalayan salt might be effective, if it is caused due to sodium deficiency. It has been seen that people with low sodium tend to suffer more from insomnia, sleeping disorders and irregular and uneven sleeping pattern. This is because low sodium level leads to decrease in the volume of blood, and in order to compensate this, our nervous system become hyper-active. However, including adequate amount of salt in your diet does not mean excessive consumption. The intake of salt should be normal to moderate. [5] 
 Provides Relief From Insomnia