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5 Amazing Factors Of The Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot is a tropical food with an aroma of a sour, but is inedible with the extracts of the oil it is required to make essential oils required for various reasons, the size of the fruit is orange like with the color of the lemon. Bergamot is from the mint family which contains phytochemicals that helps in the control of the cholesterol level and obesity, it is used in various herbal medicinal uses, a traditional form that is even used today in ayurvedic or aroma therapy that helps in reducing various discomfort and diseases within the body. The essential oil made from this fruit is highly beneficial and is therefore used it according as the requirement.

Few Of The Essential Benefit Of The Bergamot Oil Is Discussed Below :-

1. Anti Depression

Bergamot contains alpha pinene and limonene components which are responsible to work on the depression and anxiety. The blood circulation improves by the use of the oil known as aromatherapy this is applicable due to the natural components present in the oil which gives a sense of freshness and energy to the body. The effect of the oil on the anxiety, depression and stress is beneficial and at the same time due to the relief you may have prolong and sound sleep, it also work on the post partum pregnancy period which is full of stress and depressions because of the hormonal changes.

2. Antiseptic Properties

The bergamot fruit made essential oil has antibiotic property and the presence of the disinfectant in the oil helps in the healing of the infections and wounds of the body. The oil can be applied on the scalp to get rid of the dandruff or any other infections that may occur on the scalp, if used regularly the dandruff occurring due to the fungus may get destroyed. This oil can be used as disinfectant for the wounds on the body and treating heel cracks, eczema or any other types of irritation or inflammation eruption on the skin, the septic wounds can be treated with this antiseptic essential oil, it helps in the recovery of the skin infections caused due to many reasons with the healing property of the bergamot oil because of anti fungal property, apply it thoroughly on the body or the infected area.
 Antiseptic Properties

3. Anti Bacterial And Anti Viral Agent

Various deadly viral airborne and water borne diseases are found in the air and water, detecting and preventing them becomes difficult , so as said in the proverb “prevention is better than cure “ the bergamot oil can help you to prevent the viral and bacterial diseases such as the malaria, influenza and typhoid, since the oil is an anti bacterial and anti viral agent that can treat diseases occurring through the virus or protozoa. The application of the oil on the body or drinking the bergamot oil made tea keeps diseases caused by the bacteria and virus away from the body and therefore staying away accordingly keeps you healthy, the anti bacterial and anti viral property helps in reducing the effect of the influenza, malaria diseases from the body.

4. Vaporizer For Respiratory Tracts

Bergamot oil can be used in the respiratory problems, such as vaporizers, it helps in clearing the nasal passage or the nose through which breathing becomes easier usually due to the viral infection the tracts are blocked due to the cough and cold or influenza. It acts as a vaporizer that clears the congestion and helps in the clearing of the phlegm in the respiratory tracts, therefore making breathing easier, on the other hand it helps in removing the coughs stuck within the respiratory tracts through coughing or sneezing, along with the mucus in the nostrils thus the essential oil works to reduce the discomfort caused within the respiratory organs.

5. Pain Reliever

The oil consists of the components linalool and linalyl acetate which are responsible for the analgesic and pain relieving properties. The oil when on regular application the affected painful area can get relief of the pain when the linalool and linalyl acetate helps in the secretion of the hormone that gives an analgesic effect and it reduces the pain of the area. This property of the oil can give you relief from old pains, the oil can be used as a pain reliever due to the component factors which is one of the natural form to reduce pain of the body. Osteoarthritis is a very common painful disease in old people so application of the essential oil helps in the reducing of the pain because of the analgesic effect.
Pain Reliever