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5 Amazing Natural Cures For Cuts

Natural Cures For Cuts

[toc]Cuts are the incisions on the skin caused by accidents or by mishandling knives and blades. Cuts are a common occurrence and often lead to blood flow. Sometimes they are very agonizing and vulnerable for various infections as microbes have an open access to blood stream and can make an easy way into your body.

When the cuts are deep and wide, the excess blood flow might even become fatal, if not treated in time. Cuts and damages are easily curable by following natural curatives:

5 Natural Cures For Cuts


Marigold For Cuts

Its orange flowers contain chemical substances which are naturally antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral and have healing properties. To use it on your cuts and wounds, take a jar and fill it with marigold flowers. Now, fill the jar with almond oil such that all the flowers are covered.

Whenever you get a cut, that oil will work as the medicine, healer and protector from infections with its wound healing and antimicrobial properties acquired by the marigold flower. Simply apply the oil on the cut and the results can be witnessed fast.


Vitamins For Cuts

Collagen is found in skin tissues which aids wound healing. A major part of vitamin C that you consume contributes to the formation of collagen in your tissues thereby healing cuts and wounds. Vitamin E is also very beneficial for skin as it increases skin elasticity and helps in wound healing.

You can intake vitamin E and C capsules and break open the plastic part to get the vitamin out in powder form. Now, rub this on your cuts and wounds. You can also take vitamin C and E rich food like sunflower seeds, almond, peanuts and guavas but the former way will show its effect way faster.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel For Cuts

Aloe vera enhances cell proliferation, hence making tissue formation faster which heals cuts. It is naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which not only prevents infections but also eases the suffering with its soothing and cooling effect.

It is easily available and easily applicable as the gel is easy to apply on the cut. Cut open aloe vera’s leaf and take out the gel. Apply this gel 2-3 times a day to see fast healing effects.

Honey And Zinc

Honey For Cuts

Honey is known for being a curative of many diseases and conditions. In case of cuts and wounds, its enzymes and antibacterial nature help in healing faster. You may take honey with milk or directly.

But applying honey on the cut would be a better choice to make the cut heal faster. Zinc deficiency delays the healing process. So, take food rich in zinc like ginger roots, oysters or take zinc supplements every day after consulting your doctor.


Comfrey For Cuts

This common garden plant is also called Sympythum officinale and is usually grown for composting purposes. But it also possesses strong healing properties because allantoin is abundantly present in its roots and leaves. Allantoin is a chemical substance which assists in healing cuts and bruises.

It speeds up healing of mucous tissue, ligaments and tendons as well. You can take the leaves, crush them into a paste and apply them over the wound or cut.

5 Amazing Natural Cures For Cuts

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