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5 Assured Herbal Remedies For Impetigo

[toc]Of all the skin afflictions, Impetigo is by far the worst one. With the pain and the disfiguring aside, the shame and embarrassment of leading a public life with impetigo can sometimes be too much to bear. Although modern medicine proclaims the use of antibiotics to be the perfect cure for skin infections like this, in hindsight, it can weaken the immune system.


Herbal cures, on the other hand, strengthen the body from within, while providing a solid defense against impetigo at the same time. These remedies can be used alone, or in combination to provide relief from this wretched disease.

5 Herbal Remedies For Impetigo

Grapefruit Seed Extracts

The most effective cure for impetigo, by far, is the precious essence extracted from grapefruit seeds. Grapefruits are nature’s gift to skin and overall health care. It is packed with Vitamin A,C and E, which are renowned to be good for skin. In addition to its vitamin shock, it contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in linoleic acid, flavonoids and proanthocyanidin, it protects your skin internally and externally. When consumed directly, the fruit repairs skin lesions and soothes itch.

When taken in topical form it cures the redness and dries out the affliction. Other than tending to skin, grapefruit seeds also strengthen physical immunity and bolster weight loss. Grapefruit seed extracts are readily available at herbal stores in tincture, cream and powder form. It can be directly applied to clean skin thrice a day and can be ingested on an empty stomach before meals. Combining the two methods will derive maximum results.


Goldenseal Application

Clinically known as Hydrastis Canadensis, Goldenseal is a highly regarded herb, best known for its antifungal properties. Rich in canadine, berberine and other anti-inflammatory chemicals, it dries out fungal infections and restores smooth skin within a few days of application. The fresh herb can be boiled in water and the strained solution can be applied directly on the affected areas after cleaning them.

The instant surge of its antibacterial components will immediately soothe the skin, reduce the inflammation, clear out the bacteria and form a protective covering around the affected area. Goldenseal supplements are also available in leading health stores. They can be orally administered or topically applied as antiseptic lotion, to cure impetigo for good.


Tea Tree Oil Soak

Tea tree oil is suitably well known for its antiseptic and fungus-warding properties. Rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, it not only soothes inflamed skin, but also adds to its tensile elasticity. When applied to impetigo wounds, it has an instant cooling effect. Within moments, you will feel the itch dying down, the redness disappearing and the skin tightening. It is highly effective in removing bacterial growths and fungal infestations from the skin.

Regular application promotes skin health and wards off future chances of contracting impetigo. Tea tree oil can be applied to the cleaned wound using a sterilized cotton pad as a cold compress. You can even combine equal quantities of other essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender and lemongrass along with tea tree oil into a large bottle to use as compress. It will provide proper relief in no time.

tea tree oil

Soothing Myrrh Oil

Concentrated myrrh oil when ingested has abilities to remove anti-inflammatory chemicals from your blood. In keeping a safe level of these chemicals, your body is internally equipped to ward off internal diseases and infections. Myrrh oil is often administered to people suffering from impetigo, due to its healing properties. Studies show that with subsequent topical applications, the afflicted have found relief in a matter of days.

When applied thrice a day for at least a week, myrrh oil dries out the welts, soothes the burning sensation and stops the infection from spreading. This can be effectively used as a cold compress on clean skin, preferably after bathing.

myrrh oil

Calming Manuka Honey 

Manuka honey is arguably the most beneficial among all forms of honey. Extracted from the pollen of Manuka lilies, this earthy and aromatic honey proves to be not just delicious in taste, but also full of health benefits. It is an excellent wound healing agent and can successfully stop anti bacterial growth on skin with a single administration. When used as a remedy to cure impetigo, manuka honey truly lives up to its legendary name.

Not only does the topical application soothe the itch and reduce redness, but also begins healing the cracked skin almost instantly. It clears out the bacterial growth and removes excess moisture from the welts to make improve the skin condition considerably. Consume a tablespoon of concentrated manuka honey on an empty stomach thrice, daily.

Within days, the welts on your skin will heal and scabs will give way to clear and glowing skin. Manuka honey can be available at leading organic health food stores. A skin condition as serious as impetigo is nothing to be ashamed of. With proper treatment, you can successfully ward off this disease and revel in your glowing visage.