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5 Best Home Remedies For Burns

Home Remedies For Burns

[toc]Burns are the common problem encountered by housewives if they are careless while cooking. Sometimes due to carelessness, even children suffer from burns. Burns usually occurs due to spilling of hot oil or hot water on the skin.  Wrist and hands, elbows are the some common parts that get affected due to burns. For simple burns home remedies can be the best answer.

If the burns are very serious then one should get immediate medical treatment. When burns occur people usually suffer from mind numbing pain. But it is the time not to panic.  There are few remedies that are transferred from generation to generation through elders of the house.  Few tips are here to get rid from the burn pain. In minor burns, upper layer of the skin is burnt, and usually will get cured by following the below home remedies, incase of severe burns, do consult doctors.

Top 5 Essential Home Remedies For Burns

Apply Pure Honey


As soon as one gets hurt by burns, they are advised to apply pure honey on the burnt parts lavishly. It is one the best rejuvenating medicines for the burnt skin, as it not only avoids the burns become bubbles, but it helps skin to get cured without leaving any scar after curing burns. It is one of the time tested method for curing skin from burns, with its very good antiseptic healing properties. Thus, always remember to apply honey for burns.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Reduce Burns

Every type of olive oil would be helpful to apply on burnt skin area; but it is found that virgin olive oil is highly beneficial in curing burns. It is always better to keep a small bottle of olive oil at home, as it can be used to cure many skin problems. Virgin Olive oil got deep characteristic color which can be identified easily with its strong flavor and color. Hence, make it a habit to apply olive oil immediately after you get hurt from burns.

Banana Peel

Banana Peel Reduce Burns

Banana peel is another important medicine for curing burns. Banana peel is highly beneficial and one can notice color of the peel that turns black, when it absorbs heat and rejuvenate the skin with its antiseptic property. Sometimes when the pain increases too much, then the peel turns black within half an hour of time, by making the skin cool and help to get good relaxation from any type of skin burns.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel Reduce Burns

Applying aloe-vera gel to the affected parts works equally well, if pure honey is not available to apply at the time of incidence.  If gel is not available one can use the real Aloe Vera, and use it by removing the upper layer which is very easy to remove using a sharp knife and the part which is filled with gel, can be placed on the skin of the affected area.

Mixture Of Turmeric And Yogurt

Turmeric And Yogurt Reduce Burns

When the burns are getting cured, one can use turmeric powder and yogurt; take in equal proportion to make smooth paste. Apply evenly on the affected area in order to kill the pain soon, also to make skin shiny and smooth, with its effective medicinal properly.

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