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5 Best Natural Cures For Convulsions

Natural Cure To Convulsions

[toc]A convulsion is a kind of neurological imbalance that happens due to a number of actions taking place in the brain at a time. Medically, convulsion is also known as epilepsy. A person suffering from such an ailment may show symptoms such as jerking, spasms, memory loss, unusual head turning or lip chewing.

The causes to such an ailment can be deficiency of zinc in the body or the brain. Another cause can be presence of aspartic acid in the body. This acid excites the nerves making them burn out. As it is related to brain, very careful steps are taken to cure such a disease. Any kind of a mishandling can cause serious damage to any part of the brain leading to further abnormalities. Here are some natural cures for convulsions:

5 Natural Cures For Convulsions

Milk And Garlic

Milk & Garlic To Reduce Convulsions

One of the most effective, powerful and easy to prepare remedy is the mixture of garlic and milk. To prepare this, mix 100 ml milk with equal amount of water and boil the two for 15 minutes. Now crush five to six garlic cubes with few cloves and extract the juice out of it. Add the juice to the boiling mixture of water and milk and boil the three ingredients again for 2 minutes and drink twice a day.

Bo Tree

Bo Tree To Reduce Convulsions

The Bo Tree is one of the herbs that hold a strong medicinal importance in the holy books of Buddhists. It is important to impact the nerve cells. The figs of this tree hold a strong amount of serotonin which acts as a cure for epilepsy or convulsions. The extracts of the figs of Bo Tree increases the count of serotonin in the nerve cells that eventually decreases the chances of epilepsy or its growth. Bo Tree extracts must be consumed once a day for atleast a month.


Spinach To Reduce Convulsions

Magnesium is one of the minerals that is important to strengthen the nerves to handle any kind of neurological changes and challenges. The food products like almonds, spinach, etc are rich in this mineral and should be part of the diet for individuals suffering from this ailment. In case supplements are taken instead, the quantity should be limited as it can drain out other elements creating other kinds of deficiencies in the body.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea To Reduce Convulsions

Another herb that can be taken in case of epilepsy is Chamomile. The medicinal value of the herb is to soothe and nourish the nervous system of the body. The best way to have the herb is to prepare a tea from its leaves or the roots and drink it twice a day. The leaves can be crushed and eaten raw as well.

Violet Tree

Violet Tree To Reduce Convulsions

The extracts of the aromatic purple flowers of this tree and the roots acts as a natural cure to handle various mental disorders, neurological disturbances, stress, pain and epilepsy. The roots can be eaten raw or a juice can be prepared which must be consumed once in a day. The impact of this herb is more effective than any other allopathic medicine.

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