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5 Best Natural Cures For Hypoglycemia

Natural Cures For Hypoglycemia

[toc]Hypoglycemia is a condition in which the blood’s sugar level goes below the normal required level. Poor eating habits and consuming alcohol in excess may sometimes lead to hypoglycemia. In some diabetic patients, diabetes medications’ mismanagement can also lead to low level of sugar in blood. Insulin hormone in our body is secreted to keep the blood glucose level in control as it lowers the level of glucose.

But when insulin is taken in excess or is naturally in excess in your body, it causes hypoglycemia. The condition is marked with symptoms like weakness, dizziness, loss of motor skills, confusions, loss of consciousness and headaches. Here are some natural remedies to cure hypoglycemia:

5 Natural Cures For Hypoglycemia


Green Leafy Vegetables Reduce Hypoglycemia

Eating habit is the most important point to take care of in cases of both hypo and hyperglycemia. The food you eat directly affects the level of sugar in your body. So it is important to keep in mind what you are eating and what not, if your blood sugar level is sensitive. Keep fiber-rich foods in your diet with protein as they maintain and regulate blood sugar levels.

You can have whole grain cereals, green leafy vegetables and carbohydrate rich foods but make sure that your diet must be more of what regulates blood sugar not just increase or decrease sugar levels to avoid over boarding effects on blood sugar level.

Physical Exercises

Physical Exercises Reduce Hypoglycemia

Working out burns glucose in your body to yield energy. If you do strenuous physical exercises when your blood sugar levels are sensitive, your sugar level is likely to go down. Whenever there is hypoglycemic condition, make sure that you do not do too much of physical work out as it will further exacerbate the situation.

You may consult a physician who can guide you about different exercises which can exceptionally help in maintaining blood glucose but working out on your own should be avoided.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins & Minerals Reduce Hypoglycemia

Some minerals and vitamins are important for regulation and maintenance of glucose levels in our body. Vitamin B is found to have good effects in curing hypoglycemia. Niacin and Vitamin B6 are important and play a role in metabolism of carbohydrates in our body. Apart from vitamins, some minerals like chromium and magnesium are also helpful in regulating blood sugar level. Chromium helps in fighting hypoglycemia while magnesium looks after energy system of body.

Natural Supplements

Fish Oil Reduce Hypoglycemia

Many natural supplements have the nutrients which regulate the blood sugar levels. Psyllium seed husks and fish oil are natural supplements which assist in controlling the rate of entry of glucose in the blood stream. Other natural supplements are aloe vera, ginger, green tea etc. They all regulate blood sugar level and their improper consumption leads to hypoglycemia, so it is important to manage these in diet well.

Sugar Intake

Fruit Juices Reduce Hypoglycemia

Direct intake of sugar raises the level of blood sugar immediately and this remedy is very effective in acute hypoglycemic cases. Ingest sugar in any form like glucose tablets, sugar with fruit juices and regular soda, hard candy, and sugar cubes etc. In acute situations, take at least half cup of fruit juice or 3-4 tablets of glucose or 5 sugar cubes of small size. It will alleviate the symptoms in no time.

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