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5 Best Treatments For Ankle Sprain

[toc]Ankle sprain is a painful condition that is characterized by certain symptoms such as pain, swelling, movement difficulties and redness. While ankle sprain is more common among sportsperson, people leading regular lives can also experience ankle sprains. In most cases, ankle sprain takes place when the ground is rough, the foot is moved awkwardly or excessive pressure was applied on the ankle. Any of these reasons is sufficient for causing ankle sprain.

Ankle Sprain

Certain common treatments are available for treating normal ankle sprain. However, in certain cases of ankle sprain, visiting the doctor is essential. For instance, if you are in excessive pain or the area has swelled unnaturally, it is better to seek medical treatment. If you want to know about the common ankle sprain treatments, reading this article would be a good idea.

5 Treatments For Ankle Sprain

Take Rest

Taking rest is the best and most effective way of treating ankle sprain. Taking sufficient rest will reduce chances of future injury and cool down the aggravated tissues. While walking, take help of a stick or crutch so as to avoid pressurizing the ankle. If you do any exercise, it is better to keep it on hold for some time. Also, it is better if you switch to low impact exercises for the time being. Examples can include yoga or swimming.



Applying ice on the sprained ankle can be a good way of avoiding excessive pain or swelling. You can simply place ice on the ankle or wrap the ice in a plastic bag and place it on the ankle. Alternatively, you can place some ice cubes in a bucket of water and immerse your foot in it. For best results, place the ice for at least 30 minutes. However, if you notice that the ankle is turning out whitish, remove the ice.


Top 5 Home Remedies For Ankle Sprain
How To Treat A Sprained Ankle

Opt For Compression

If you have suffered ankle sprain, using a compression wrap for the first few hours after the injury can be a good idea. However, it is important that you don’t wrap the bandage too tightly. This is because if the bandage is too tight, it may cause pain or swelling, which will worsen the situation even more. So, if you feel that it is too tight, loosen it immediately.

compression wrap

Try Out Elevation

Elevation can be an effective technique for treating ankle sprain. Start by lying down on your back. Now, place a chair or any other raised object near your feet. Once you are comfortable, place the sprained ankle on the elevated surface. Elevation drains away the fluid from the area of injury, thus contributing to quick recovery.

elevating legs

Opt For A Brace

If you want to recover quickly, taking help of a brace can be a good idea. Ideally, the brace should possess an in built air cushion or any other special protection device. For best results, wear the brace immediately after suffering the injury. You should keep it wearing for at least the first 24-36 hours for recovering quickly.

Implement these strategies for treating and recovering from ankle pain. For being on the safe side, wear the right shoes, while walking. Also, avoid walking on any rough surface.

Leg Brace

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