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5 Common Signs And Symptoms Of Vaginal Sweating

[toc]When the nervous system of the body begins to send confused signals to vaginal sweat glands, women experience vaginal sweating that is considered to be a very uncomfortable and complicated condition of the body. It is actually hereditary cause that leads to vaginal sweating and apart from this any complication experienced during puberty might also result in this kind of sweating of the vagina.

Vaginal sweating

Vaginal sweating is a very uncomfortable condition of the body that can also lead to embarrassment and a havoc in social life. The most frequent signs & symptoms of vaginal sweating have been enumerated below so that women can have a clear idea of the symptoms and then take the necessary steps that can help them in doing away with this embarrassing condition.

5 Symptoms Of Vaginal Sweating

Vaginal Itching

Vaginal itching is a very common symptom that can be associated with vaginal sweating. There are a lot of women who experience vaginal itching but they do not take it very seriously because of the common view that itching experienced in any part of the body can never lead to serious circumstances.

But vaginal itching should be taken seriously by women because it can result in vaginal sweating which can turn out to be a very difficult situation that would require proper treatment.

Vaginal Itching

Difficulty In Urinating

There are many women who find it very difficult to urinate because they experience a burning sensation in the vagina which occurs due to vaginal sweating. This is a very complex situation that does not change even if the vagina is washed several times and the best way to eradicate this problem is by taking the help of a doctor.

Not only while urinating but a woman may also face several difficulties while having sex such as pain in the vaginal area which requires to be treated because it can lead to stress and depression.

Difficulty In Urinating

Fishy Odor

An unpleasant smell or a fishy odor of the vagina can also be cited as one of the most common signs & symptoms of vaginal sweating. This symptom is also considered as one basic symptom for a disease known as bacterial vaginosis which occurs because of harmful bacteria.

It is very important to seek medical advice in such conditions. This fishy smell can also be accompanied with a burning sensation and can be very irritating for a woman who experiences this symptom.

unpleasant smell

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge that is found in the form of clumpy, white and thick discharge that does not carry any odor and is very similar to cottage cheese can also be considered as one of the most effective symptoms of vaginal sweating that should be taken into consideration. This symptom usually occurs during a week before menstruation.

Vaginal Discharge

Red Rash

The red sore or rash around the vaginal opening is also a sure shot and the most noteworthy of the signs & symptoms of vaginal sweating and it is always important to get rid of this symptom as soon as possible. Inflammation of the vaginal skin can also take place because of this symptom that requires immediate treatment.