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5 Common Signs Of Breast Cancer

[toc]Breast cancer is very common in women but this does not mean that men cannot suffer from breast cancer. Initially people might not notice the signs of breast cancer because the early signs may come in the form of a very small lump that is hardly recognizable.

Breast Cancer

This lump does not give rise to any kind of unusual changes that might be noticed in the breast area but the lump can only be identified when an individual goes through an x-ray of the breast. There are other tests that might also be carried out depending upon the seriousness of the change that is brought about in the breast area. Some of the early symptoms of breast cancer have been enumerated below.

Signs Of Breast Cancer


Lumps are very common as early signs of breast cancer but there are a lot of women who are not able to recognize the lumps that form in the breast. Lump is nothing but thickened muscle that is found either in the area around the armpit or the breast. The lumps are pea-sized, very small and painless. They might make a woman feel some irritation and tenderness in the breast area. A mammogram can be used to spot such lumps that can turn out to be cancerous.


Changes In The Size

This is another very common symptom of breast cancer. The breast size can either increase or else it can decrease and this totally differs from one woman to another. There are women who find a decrease in the size of their breast while there are women who find their breast size increasing. This is also a symptom that is not noticeable very easily unless the change is quite eminent.

Changes In The Size

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Breast Swelling

The enlargement of the lymph nodes in the breasts or breast swelling are not taken as common signs of breast cancer because most of the times they are found to be non-cancerous. But effective diagnosis should be carried out if such swelling is noticed because sometimes they may not be benign and can turn out to be cancerous.

Breast Swelling

Change In Texture And Color

Breast cancer can also result in the change in texture and color of the breasts. An area that is marble-like can be seen around the skin of the breast. There might be some areas around the breast that might differ greatly from the other areas. The breast skin might also change its color to red or pink and even orange accompanied with a lot of scarring. Flattening or indentation of the breast can also serve as a common symptom of breast cancer.

Nipple Change

Changes noticed in the nipples of the breast can also serve as early symptoms of breast cancer. The nipples might get a dimpled appearance or they might also get pushed inwards. Slight pain and irritation along with change in color of the nipples can also be noticed. Any kind of fluid discharge such as blood or milky white substance can also be taken as a sure shot sign of breast cancer.

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