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5 Easy Herbal Remedies For Leaky Gut

[toc]Abdominal pain, bloating, cramping and low  immunity are the chief symptoms of leaky gut. Leaky gut is a condition where the intestines become permeable, causing both toxins and food to mix with the blood stream. In leaky gut syndrome, the person’s liver becomes damaged and he or she also experiences inflammation. Anti-inflammatory herbs such as Turmeric are very beneficial for treating leaky gut. Some of the top herbal cures for this condition include Boswellia, Slippery Elm, Goldenseal, Echinacea, and Marshmallow among several others.

Leaky Gut

These herbal remedies should only be used under medical supervision. Any treatment incorporating herbal cures should also take into account the medications the person is already taken as well as additional health related conditions he or she is suffering from. This article covers some of the top herbal remedies for leaky gut.

5 Best Herbal Remedies For Leaky Gut

Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm is a good herbal cure for leaky gut. This herb gets gelatinous when it is applied anywhere. This is because Slippery Elm is rich in mucilage which forms a protective coat or layer over the inflamed intestines and soothes the swelling. The intestinal lining is badly damaged in a person suffering from leaky gut. Slippery Elm is also rich in antioxidants which increase the immunity of the human body and reduce free radical damage.

You can take a decoction or infusion containing Slippery Elm leaves for best results. This herb can be taken in the form of an extract or supplement as well. The inflamed internal organs of the gastrointestinal system get relief due to the constant use of this herbal remedy. The antioxidants present in this herb also undo free radical damage.

Slippery Elm


Chamomile is known botanically as Matricaria Recutita. This herb is well known for its soothing nervine properties. It is also a relaxant and natural sedative which acts as an adaptogen and moderates the body’s response to stressors. This herb is a potent digestive tonic which is why it is good for curing leaky gut syndrome.

Chamomile can ease the stomach pain, bloating and cramping caused by leaky gut syndrome. Chamomile also alleviates anxiety and depression in people suffering from leaky gut syndrome. You can drink Chamomile tea to ease the cramps in your stomach and promote healthy healing in persons suffering from leaky gut.



Mentha Piperita is the Latin name given to this herb. Peppermint contains soothing agents such as menthol which relax the stomach and ease inflammation. Circulation of bile in the stomach is also promoted through the use of this herbal remedy.

Peppermint is also antibacterial in nature which helps in destroying bacteria induced infections in the gut as well. In leaky gut, foods and harmful bacterial toxins are released into the blood stream. Peppermint tea can be taken to counter these harmful bacteria. Peppermint tea can be brewed from the fresh leaves of this herb and consumed regularly for benefits.



Echinacea Angustifolia is the botanical name of this herb. It is also called Purple Cone Flower, Kansas Snakeroot and Black Sampson. Echinacea is native to Europe.

This herb is an antioxidant with immunostimulant properties that can help to initiate key defense mechanisms of the human body and increase its ability to ease inflammation and destroy harmful bacteria associated with leaky gut.This herb also lowers irritation in the stomach and helps to soothe the gastrointestinal lining.



Althea Officinalis is the botanical name of this herb. It  of the gastrointestinal tract or stomach lining. This herb is good for treating leaky gut because it contains a slippery gel like substance called mucilage.

Mucilage coats the belly, throat and intestinal lining of the person suffering from leaky gut syndrome and offers quick relief from the inflammation to ensure continuing good health. Take Marshmallow root extract for best outcomes.

Marshmallow plant

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