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5 Easy Home Remedies For Back Spasms

Home Remedies For Back Spasms

[toc]Are you experiencing cramps and contractions on the back? Is it something that you frequently face and want to know the root cause for the problem? Cramps in the back are nothing but back spasms and is a form of health ailment that falls under the muscular part of the body.

A lot of times, this occurs due to heavy activities or too much stress on the back. In simple words, a lot of people also call it lower back pain or muscle cramps in the back. To ensure that you treat the situation perfectly and without any side effects, it is best to stick to some home remedies. The ones mentioned below are some of the top notch ones that you can pick blindly.

5 Home Remedies For Back Spasms

Ice Compress

Ice Compress For Back Spasms

One of the best ways that can be used for the treatment of back spasms and that too at home in a safe way is to use an ice compress. Herein, one needs to adhere to a plastic bag full of ice cubes that can be applied on the affected area using a towel.

The ice helps in making the place numb and also reduce the pain and swelling in the region. Ice helps in relaxation of the muscles and thus treats the contractions. This should be a session of 20 minutes and at least 2-3 times in a day.

Have Good Amounts Of Fluids

Drink Water

A lot of times, one of the major reasons for muscle spasms is dehydration. In this scenario, it is best recommended that you adhere to plenty of healthy fluids to hydrate the muscles well and help them in proper functioning. Along with 10 glasses of filtered water, it is advisable that you use fresh fruits juices, herbal teas, coconut water and buttermilk as well. It is going to give you ideal outcomes in hand.

Get A Massage

Massage For Back Spasms

While using good oil like olive oil, coconut oil or any essential oil, you get a massage at the back where you are facing the spasms. The massage will open up the stiff muscles as well as relax the tension on them. A routine massage each day of about 15-20 minutes is advisable here.

Take Rest

Rest For Back Spasms

A simple home remedy that you can follow for treatment of back spasm and also to give it time to recover is to take proper rest and sleep. About 8 hours of undisturbed sleep is recommended along with avoiding all stress on the muscles and the back.

The Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment For Back Spasms

Though heat should only be applied to the spasms after about 72 hours from the time the crisis is detected, it is definitely one of the well deserving ideas in this home remedial list.

It can be as simple as taking a warm water bath for 10-15 minutes to relax the muscles and treat the inflammation as well as a remedy where warm water soaked towels is placed at the back. A hot water bottle can also be used on the area along with a towel to reap the heat benefits.