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5 Easy Home Remedies For External Piles

Home Remedies For External Piles

[toc]Piles is a condition in which the end arteries of the rectum and rectum are swollen and there is bleeding. External piles, as the name suggests is outside the anus and does not bleed as much as internal piles. Piles can be caused due to a variety of reasons including consumption of improper diet, lack of exercise and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Stress, pregnancy and childbirth related issues also result in piles.

Severe constipation is an important symptom of piles, and sometimes can be the cause too. Bleeding is another symptom of piles. Forceful expulsion of faeces happens during constipation and that cause the blood vessels to be affected. Although piles can be a serious problem, it can be easily solved by following some simple cures at home. Here are a few home remedies for external piles:

5 Home Remedies For External Piles

Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables For External Piles

High fibre diet which includes fruits and vegetables can be very helpful in healthy expulsion of faeces which in turn helps in curing the piles. Therefore, soluble fibre that is rich in nutrients is very essential to include in your meals. Bananas are very healthy and provide great relief for piles patients. They help in promoting healthy functioning of digestive track and also help in digestion.

You can eat a banana after meals or one early in the morning. Don’t eat too many bananas because they could prove to be heavy after a while. Lemons, oranges, berries and tomatoes are great for your bowel. They help in enhancing your body’s immunity as well. You could also try cheese and yogurt. Figs are considered as a natural cure for piles. You can soak a few figs in water over night and eat them first thing in the morning. Your bowel will remain healthy as long as you consume figs daily.

Liquid Content

Drink water

To encourage healthy expulsion of faeces, one must drink around 10 glasses of water every day. It keeps the functioning of the digestive tract active and cures piles.

You can add fresh fruit juices or soups in your diet in the liquid form as well. Mango, papaya and fig juices improve defecation and are healthy as they promote a healthy bowel movement. Avoid consumption of caffeine because it may reduce the fluid content in your system.


Legumes For External Piles

Rich protein containing foods like beans, soy beans, lentils, black beans and split peas are the best food for patients suffering from piles. They are light and easy to digest. Such foods pass through the gastro intestinal track very smoothly and they don’t even stick to the intestines to cause any further complications. You must include legumes in your daily diet and cook them well before eating. This helps in easing the digestion further.

Foods To Avoid

Do Not Eat Bread For External Piles

Spicy food can irritate the stomach and intestines so it is best to stick to natural homemade food for a while. Junk food that contains carbs or bread should also be avoided because bread it is hard to digest and since your digestive system in currently faulty you should avoid straining it further.

Avoid drinking of alcohol until you get better because alcohol leads to dehydration in the body. When you have piles, you should have as much water as you can and at that time you can’t afford to lose water.


Exercise For External Piles

Exercise and staying active is also important. Healthy diet, when complemented with regular exercise helps in curing piles problem very fast. Most people who lead a sedentary lifestyle have problems with bowel movement, which can ultimately result in piles. It is therefore important to keep the body active every day.

You must go for brisk walks for atleast 30 minutes every day. In addition to this, you must do yoga which heals the stomach and back region and reduce stress levels by doing meditation and deep breathing exercises. All these were simple measures to be taken to cure piles. Home remedies to reduce piles are effective, have no side effects and are best for long term solution.

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