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5 Easy Natural Cures For Gallbladder Disorders

Natural Cure To Gallbladder Disorders

[toc]The gallbladder is an organ situated below the liver. When the liver produces bile, it absorbs the excess and releases it into the intestines when fatty foods are supposed to be digested. So basically, it aids in the process of digestion along with the liver. The common causes for gallbladder disorders are elevated cholesterol levels, obesity and a high fat diet. Obesity is the leading cause of gallbladder disorders.

There are various disorders enlisted under gallbladder disorders namely gall stones which are usually small and go undiagnosed for years altogether but when they begin to grow, they begin to produce symptoms and that’s when the damage has been really great.

There is also gallbladder cancer which results due to hereditary causes and obesity is also one of the causes. If the gallbladder disorder is at its early stages, you can treat it with natural remedies. You could couple it with medications or drugs so here are some natural methods to help your condition:

5 Natural Cures For Gallbladder Disorders

Apple Cider Vinegar With Olive Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar For Gallbladder Disorders

Both these ingredients help to re-establish the functioning of the gallbladder and ease the discomfort caused due to excessive fats or overloading. Mix one tea spoon of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of olive oil in a cup of warm water and consume it every morning. Make sure you practice this remedy every day before breakfast and it should be done only once in a day.

Pain Relief

Heat Pack To Reduce Gallbladder Disorders

If you suffer from gallstones, you must be undergoing a lot of pain. Even if you are taking some medications to eliminate the stones, you can try placing a heat pack over the abdominal area. Mainly ice is used to treat pain, but heat brings about a good level of blood circulation.

A good circulation ensures a good supply of blood and oxygen which may be useful in treating the pain and sometimes it may also help to treat your condition. Make sure that you do not apply the heat or ice directly on the abdominal area.

Increase Fibre Intake

Fibre Intake To Reduce Gallbladder Disorders

A good fibre level in your diet will help ease the digestion process and your gallbladder will not be loaded. Make sure you consume a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. Juices are even better because they don’t take much time and energy to digest and they aren’t harmful to your system. Have at least 5 helpings of fruits in a day.

Maintain Your Weight

Maintain Weight To Reduce Gallbladder Disorders

It is said that most gallbladder disorders occur due to obesity or a high fat diet. Eat right and manage your weight with the help of some exercise. Go for walks or cycle for some time in the park daily. You don’t have to exert yourself but some exercise will be beneficial. Also maintain a low fat diet to aid in weight loss.

Decrease Fats

Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Gallbladder Disorders

If you suffer from gallbladder disorders, it is probably because of your high fat diet. You should choose between healthy and unhealthy fats. Fats which contain mono saturated fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids are good for you and help you fight the unwanted fats in your body as well.

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