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5 Effective Herbal Remedies For Ulcers

Herbal Remedies For Ulcers

[toc]Ulcers can come up at any point in your body, internal or external. Ulcers are described as a break in the bodily membrane, be it a mucus membrane or the skin. It impedes the normal functioning of the affected organ. Common external ulcers can be genital ulcers, bed sores, ulcerative dermatitis etc. Mouth ulcer, peptic ulcer, gastric ulcer etc are internal ulcers. However, of all ulcers internal ulcers are the most capricious.

These are also difficult to treat. A stomach or peptic ulcer can make a hole through your stomach or other gastrointestinal organs which may be fatal. There may be several reasons behind such ulcers, and the mode of treatment is often decided by the type of ulcer. However, there are some herbs that can work wonders for ulcers. Let us explore some herbal remedies for ulcers.

5 Herbal Remedies For Ulcers


Bayberry Reduce Ulcers

This herb is astringent and antibiotic in nature. It also stimulates blood circulation. It contains tannins which are anti-inflammatory in nature. Moreover, the herb is a good digestive aid.

All these properties are helpful in reducing the severity of ulcers and prevent bacterial infections. The waxy acidic substances in this herb form a coating on the ulcers. You can get bayberry tincture or extract.

Caynne Pepper

Caynne Pepper Reduce Ulcers

Though it may sound somewhat contrary to popular belief, this hot spice is actually able to heal moderately severe peptic ulcers. Caynne pepper has a stimulating property which increased the blood flow. Increased blood flow brings more blood along with nutrients to the endangered site.

This helps in quick healing of the ulcer. Take one fourth teaspoon of caynne pepper in one cup of warm water. You will feel relieved. However, if the ulcer has been diagnosed to be severe one then you should do as the doctor says.


Bilberry Reduce Ulcers

This berry is manly used in Russia to treat ulcers. Berries are generally anti-inflammatory. Moreover, berries have the ability to prevent the growth of H. pylori, the bacteria that is often blamed for peptic ulcers. It has been seen the bilberry can protect the subtle mucus lining of stomach and prevent inflammations. So bilberry can be quite useful in treating ulcers. You can have bilberry tea.


Calendula Reduce Ulcers

This herb has a characteristic wound-healing capability. It is not only useful in treating and healing external ulcers and sores; it can also heal internal ulcers and wounds. It has a soothing effect on the wounds which gives relief from the irritation and pain.

It also protects the internal mucosal lining from bacterial attack. It is difficult to take it as tea due to its placid taste; however, you can take it as tincture.


Chamomile Reduce Ulcers

This herb has been used since ancient times to provide a cooling and numbing sensation to stressed out and painful areas. So the first thing it will do is that it will bring relief from the pain and stress arising out of ulcers. But the effect is not limited to this.

This herb is anti-inflammatory in nature. Moreover, it has been seen that this herb can fight the H. pylori bacteria that is sometimes found to be responsible for gastric ulcers. So a cup of chamomile tea taken regularly can work wonders for internal ulcers.