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5 Effective Home Remedies For Teething Babies

Home Remedies For Teething Babies

[toc]Babies are generally playful, but when they start crying parents are at their wits’ end to fathom the reason for its crying. It may be crying non stop or intermittently, but it cries when it hurts. There may be several things that may hurt it. If the baby is aged between 4 to 7 months then the reason behind its persistent crying is most probably its teeth.

It must be teething, and it hurts the baby when the first piece of tooth comes out of the gum.Teething is a normal process and every child will have it. What is needed is to lessen the pain sensation. Along with the pain the baby may be passing loose stool too.

It is not advisable to use medicines for alleviating the symptoms of teething. There are a lot of home remedies for teething. Use some of these remedies to help the baby overcome painful teething and to assist the first set of tooth to appear. You will adore the lovely pair of teeth showing up in your baby’s gum.

5 Home Remedies For Teething

Cold Things

Sterilized Piece Of Cloth

Cold has the ability to numb pain. Cold reduces the blood flow to the region and that reduces the flow of pain sensation. But you can not apply chilly cold on a child. So take a sterilized piece of cloth, keep it in refrigerator for some time and offer it to the child. It will munch on the cloth happily.

The cloth will rub on the ridges of it’s gum and this will give relief to the baby’s agitated gums. On the other hand the cold will numb the pain sensation.


Teether For Teething Babies

However effective it may be in relieving teething pain with chilly cold it may have only a limited application for babies. You can use teethers instead.

Babies crave for pressure between the teeth during teething. This can be offered to them with some sterilized teether. It also distracts the baby from the painful sensation.


Arnica For Teething Babies

This is a plant that has been used since ancient times to reduce pain. It can be applied on babies quite effectively. However, for this you do not need to pick up arnica herb from the jungle.

Homeopathy makes extensive use of arnica as pain killers which are easily available in local pharmacy stores. Buy a bottle and apply on the teething gum once a day. The baby will get relief.


Banana For Teething Babies

Banana is very friendly and soothing for everybody including babies. Its soothing effect can pacify the agitated feeling in the gum. Moreover, if you make it a bit cold by keeping it in refrigerator for some time the effect will be pronounced.

So keep a banana in the refrigerator for at least half an hour, take it out, peel it and offer it to the baby. The baby will latch on to it. Its cries will become less.

Clove oil

Clove Oil For Teething Babies

This is a universal remedy for tooth, but can be very well used to fight pain due to teething. The essential oils in clove are highly analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature. When you apply clove oil on the baby’s gum it will have a soothing effect. This will pacify the agitated gum and the baby will stop crying. It will also prevent any likely bacterial or fungal infection.

5 Effective Home Remedies For Teething Babies