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5 Effective Natural Cures For PCOS

[toc]PCOS is one of the common problems in today’s world that affects the woman and their reproductive system. PCOS also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is quite prevalent nowadays solely because of the changing lifestyles of women as well as sedentary modes.


It is an endocrine disorder that occurs in women who are at their peak of reproduction and fertility. Along with obesity, it brings along a number of ovarian cysts that looks more like pearls. It makes the menstrual cycle irregular as well. The best to do in this critical situation is to adhere to some natural cures that can give safe and effective remedy to the problem. The ones mentioned below are to be used on a daily basis to get visible results:

5 Best Natural Cures For PCOS

The Dietary Modifications

There are some changes that you need to bring in the diet where PCOS is concerned. This will start bringing the change in a few weeks where the treatment is concerned. Firstly, there should be a balance between the carbohydrate levels and proteins that you intake every day. This helps in keeping the insulin balanced thus curing the PCOS. Choose whole grains in this regard.

Foods low in glycemic index is advisable. Also, include foods that are high in fibre. Try to divide the meals into 5 small and equal portions rather than having large and heavy meals. Apart from this, include foods that are high in essential fatty acids.

Whole Grains


A simple natural cure that has a remedy for most of the health ailments comes in the form of physical activity and exercising. One should adhere to 30 minutes of exercising daily in the case of PCOS that regulates the hormonal secretion and balances the levels of insulin in the body.

It also helps in triggering the metabolic rate of the person and thus keeps obesity away which is one of the signs of PCOS. Aerobic and resistance exercises are recommended here. Walking and lifting weights can also be done.


8 Magical Herbal Remedies For PCOS
6 Effective Home Remedies For PCOS


Herbs are a broad category of natural cure for a lot of health ailments including PCOS. Some of the herbs that can be best considered here are omega blend, maca, licorice root, vitex, white peony and tribulus. The dose should however be consulted with an herbalist that will recommend the type and quantity as per the severity of your condition. Taking a regular dose of any of these herbs will give you the best results on the ovarian cysts.

Licorice Root

Manage The Stress

One of the reasons of PCOS is stress and mental pressures. With such a competitive life, it is almost impossible to stay away from stress completely. However, if you learn on how to manage the stress levels, you can automatically trigger the treatment of PCOS.

Adhere to yoga, meditation, deep breathing and other relaxation techniques to reduce stress and keep the hormonal levels in check. This will help you out considerably.


Benefit Of Acupuncture

As an art of Chinese culture, acupuncture calls for putting pressure on certain points in the body that helps in triggering results that you are looking for. It uses small needles for pricking the points which targets the energy of the body and thus regulates the body functions. It will treat the various symptoms associated with PCOS.


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