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5 Excellent Home Remedies For Head Lice

Home Remedies For Head Lice

[toc]Anyone having head lice will obviously feel ashamed as head lice are always connected with dirtiness. Head lice often spread in school going children as they have more direct head to head contact as compared to that in adults.

The main cause of spreading lice is head to head contact with affected person or using their towel, comb or other personal items. Lice can only spread through contact as it can’t jump or fly. The chances of girls having lice are more than the boys because of their long hairs that can easily hide the lice. Like other parasites lice also needs a home and food and that is the main reason why lice get our body.

By proper cleaning and washing we can prevent ourselves from lice. Using too much shampoo and conditioner can also cause lice. Apart from various medications available today we can also prevent lice by using home remedies.

5 Home Remedies For Head Lice

Proper hygiene

Coconut Oil For Head Lice

The best home remedy for head lice is proper hygiene, if you keep your body and hair clean then lice has minimum or no opportunity to spread. Proper cleaning of hair and keeping your personal belongings clean and safe can prevent you from being a host to lice.

Your head and hairs need proper oiling to be healthy so nourish them with coconut oil regularly. You can also prevent yourself from head lice by keeping safe distance from others and particularly in case of kids who can be affected by lice easily.


Neem For Head Lice

Neem has always proved to be a wonderful home remedy for various skin and other infections. Bathing with neem soap is often advised by doctors for skin infections. Neem is a good germs and bacterial killer and it has many other medicinal properties.

For killing head lice take neem oil and rub it on your scalp and hairs thoroughly, cover your head with a cotton cloth for overnight and comb slowly in the morning. You will definitely see the effect of neem oil.


Reetha For Head Lice

Have you ever heard about reetha? It is one of the best remedy for many hair problems and it is widely used in many hair products. It is also used for strength & growth of hair. It has a natural quality as germs killer and hence it can be used as a home remedy for head lice.

For this take some reetha and boil it with water for about 30-45mnts. And after cooling apply it on your hair twice a day. It will help to remove lice from your head and make your hair strong and shiny.

Amla Or Gooseberry

Gooseberry For Head Lice

Amla or gooseberry is very rich in vitamin C, it also contains other vitamins calcium, iron minerals. Amla is also very useful for hair growth and preventing head lice.

For removing lice take some seeds of amla and lemon and make paste, apply this paste on scalp and roots of the hair. After some time wash it. You can remove lice from your head using this method 2-3 times a week.

Kerosene Oil

Kerosene Oil For Head Lice

Yes it is very true and proven method for removing head lice. Kerosene oil is capable of killing germs and parasites and because of this property it can be used for head lice removal.

For this simply rinse your hair in it and then wrap a cloth around your head covering hairs. Leave it overnight and in the morning just comb your hair. You will see the dead lice as you brush.

Excellent Home Remedies For Head Lice

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