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5 Foods That Increase Breast Size

[toc]There are a lot of natural methods through which you can achieve different types of goals for your body health. Among the various organs, one of the most exclusive ones that only women are born with is breasts. However, the breast size decides the perfection of the figure for women to a great extent. Herein, a lot of women have smaller breasts and they desire to increase the size.

Increase Breast Size

One of the best, safe and effective methods to improve the size of the bust is to have particular foods in the diet. This list below gives you the top ones that you can adhere to. Check them out and have them on a routine basis: –

5 Effective Foods That Increase Breast Size

 Flax seeds

One of the top notch foods that can help in achievement of the goals are flaxseeds. About 1-2 tablespoon of flaxseed will help in enhancing the production of estrogen in the female body which is directly responsible for the size and shape of the breasts. Flaxseeds can be grinded a little and included in dishes and salads to get the best solution in hand. It will start giving you result in about 2-3 weeks.

flax seeds

Soy Beans

Not only are soy beans rich in proteins that will help in maintaining good health of the body including the breasts but it is one of the top deserving foods that are known to improve the size of the bust and give you an ideal figure. This should be included in the daily dishes that will level out the estrogen levels and thus help you out in a natural way.


Fruits That Can Help

Though, it is very important to level out the estrogen levels in the body or else it can cause unwanted and negative effects as well, there are many fruits that can be a good substitute in the diet to increase breast size. Plums and apples along with cucumber are some of the fruits that improve the estrogen level to get best results for the breasts.

Make sure you have it in small amounts.Cherries, dates, papaya, tomatoes and pomegranates are also some of the fruits that totally deserve to be in this list.


Sunflower Seeds

Apart from flaxseed, one of the other seeds that performs the same benefits for you of increasing the breast size in a natural and safe way are sunflower seeds. These again can be added in small amounts in various dishes throughout the day to get ideal results in hands. Sunflower seeds are easily available in the market. It again works on the amount of estrogen hormone and give you the outcomes you are looking for.

Sunflower Seeds


Garlic is not only known for its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties but also for the fact that it adds great flavor to the food and the dishes. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that including garlic in the daily meals can also help you with a stimulated estrogen level and thus increase the breast size. This is one super food that you can easily rely on.


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