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5 Herbal Remedies For Infertility

[toc]Conception isn’t the easiest thing. Sometimes it takes months or even years to conceive a baby because most women don’t get pregnant at the first try. Infertility refers to the inability to conceive. There are several reasons for suffering from infertility. Having poly cystic ovarian syndrome, cysts in the ovaries or uterus, problems in the fallopian tubes and presence of uterine fibroids can be reasons for infertility.


However, there are cases when women conceive easily even when they suffer from all these problems. You could opt for medications that could help you control your symptoms or fertility pills but they have their own side effects. If you are considering hormone therapy for your problems, that may increase your chances of cardiac diseases and breast cancer.

It is always best to stick with natural herbal remedies. They are easily available plus they do not have side effects on other systems or organs. Herbal remedies don’t take much preparatory time so you can make them any time of the day. Here are some herbal remedies to treat infertility:

5 Best Herbal Remedies For Infertility


They are rich in iron and calcium content. It has been proved that nettles are highly beneficial for reproductive system and adrenal system functioning.

Nettles have a good quantity of folic acid which also promotes the health and development of the growing foetus. It eliminates possible physical disorders in the growing foetus as well.


Red Raspberry Leaf

It is an excellent source for magnesium, iron and calcium. It improves the functioning of the reproductive system by regularizing the menstrual cycle. It is also known to strengthen the uterus so that it is prepared for the upcoming pregnancy.

It reduces the chances of unintentional abortion and keeps the growing foetus safe. It also helps to overcome morning sickness during the initial trimester in pregnancy.

Raspberry Leaf

Red Clover

This is very effective for both men and women who are trying to conceive. It is best when taken with an infusion like tea. Mix some red clovers and peppermint extract to make the tea. It also acts as a blood purifier and cleanses the reproductive system.

It is being used as a fertility booster since many years now so there is no question about the effectiveness of this herb. It takes a few months to show effects so it is beneficial if you start taking it sometime before you are trying to conceive. This herb also has a good quantity of essential vitamins that are used in pregnancy. If you are due for some surgery then it is advised that you avoid this treatment.

Red Clover


Damiana is an effective aphrodisiac and reproductive system cleanser. It increases the functioning of the reproductive organs. Therefore, basically it enhances the fertility of an individual.

In females, its basic action is to regulate the menstrual cycle so that heavy bleeding can be dealt with. When these problems are not interfering, it can be quite easy to conceive. It can be taken in with tea or with tincture.



It is one of the best herbs to treat women with irregular periods and ovarian cysts. It acts as a tonic herb which can be used for month together to regulate periods and control heavy bleeding. Women who are not ovulating regularly can also use this as a remedy.


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