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5 Home Remedies For Breastfeeding Pain

[toc]For women who has recently entered the role of a mother and is still new to the changes that is being made during the lactating phase should know that there is nothing much better than having your precious bundle of joy in hand. However, there are certain health conditions that might knock at the door in the period of breastfeeding your child.

Breastfeeding Pain

Since it is one of the most important considerations for a baby, it cannot be avoided. Breastfeeding pain is a common symptom seen in many women.The good news is that the pain can be reduced or treated by simply following some effective home remedies mentioned below.

5 Effective Home Remedies For Breastfeeding Pain

Use A Natural Nipple Butter

One of the remedies that come straight from the racks is to keep a natural balm or butter handy that can be applied on the nipples. A lot of natural products are especially designed by nature to provide relief to soreness and pain in the nipples caused due to breastfeeding.

You can also choose various nipple butters available in the market that is designed for treating the pain in the breast. However, products that have lanolin in them should be avoided. Use these daily for best outcomes.

Nipple Butter

Apply Breast Milk

An interesting as well as a simple method of treating breastfeeding pain at home is to apply breast milk on the affected area. A few drops of the milk can be taken and gently rubbed on the area.

There are antibodies in the liquid that can fight off the germs as well as treat any infections on the nipples. This reduces the pain considerably by triggering the healing process.

Wet Tea Bags Benefits

As per the grandma’s recipes, applying wet tea bags on the nipples can soothe the area and reduce the breastfeeding pain. Not only are they easily accessible but are also reasonable on the pocket.

All you need to do is brew the tea bag in lukewarm water for 5 minutes and then apply separate tea bags on the nipples for the next 5-10 minutes. This is definitely going to give expected outcomes. However, this should be done only once in 2-3 days or else it might cause a little dryness.

tea bags

Honey Application

Apply some raw and organic honey on the nipples that is undergoing breastfeeding pain. This can be kept for about 15-20 minutes before cleansing it off with a wet cloth.

The various soothing and moisturizing properties of honey will ensure that your problem is treated in a couple of days of regular use.


Check The Latch

The poor latch of the baby to the mother’s nipples is one of the main reasons of breastfeeding pain. Keep a check on the latch of the baby to ensure that the pain is cured at home and without any medications or drugs.

While nursing all you need to do is ensure that they are latched to the nipples in the perfect way. A counselor or a professional can guide you towards the right latch techniques for broadening your knowledge about the same.