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5 Home Remedies For BV Infection

[toc]BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) is a bacterial infection that occurs in vagina. The exact reason with this infection is still under scientific study, but it is generally found to occur due to multiple sex partners. This is characterized by white discharge accompanied by a foul or fishy smell with pain or irritation.

BV Infection

But, in many cases, pain may be little or nil. These symptoms are common for other infections caused by yeast, but it is important to know the difference between these two infections. If you find it embarrassing to discuss it with someone, you can even treat it at home.

Various Remedies For Bv Infection


Apple cider vinegar, which is the form of acetic acid, is found to be the best curative agent for bacterial vaginosis. It helps in killing out the bacteria and also restricts infection in the future.

You can add some amount of this vinegar in the water bath and fill it up with water. You can then immerse and expose your vagina to this mixture for quite some time. You can do it regularly and kill the infection completely.



Garlic is the all time anti-bacterial agent, giving effective results for all bacterial infections, caused both internally and externally, as well. You can take some garlic and grind it into fine paste.

You can then apply it on vagina and leave it for a while. Though, it burns a little initially, it will effectively kill all bacteria and provide you relief from the infection, as well as the smell.



Yogurt can also fight against bacteria. Take some diluted yogurt; by mixing it with water you can apply it on vaginal wall. You can also insert it using tampon, killing bacteria that are found inside too. Yogurt also has a cooling effect and you will also get relieved from the irritation caused by infection.


Cold Tea Bag

You can use the tea bag which is frozen. You can then place it on the vagina, and get instant relief from itchiness and irritation.

As the tea bag is cold, it also helps to kill bacteria, as it cannot survive in extreme harsh conditions. You can carry this out regularly and find some instant as well as long term relief.

tea bags

Wash Regularly With Mild Soap

Apart from curing it, you should also prevent it from recurrence, which is always possible if left unchecked. So, it is important to wash the vagina regularly with a mild soap.

You can use warm water for washing, as this has multiple uses. One is that, it avoids recurrence of bacteria and also reduces irritation or pain, if any.

BV infection can embarrass you before crowd, with the foul smell. And also you may feel inconvenient to take part in any public parties with the irritation and pain caused by it. So, treat it at the right time, before it takes its toll on your life. These simple home remedies can help you out to certain extent, and if you still feel that it did not get cured, you can ask your doctor to prescribe medicines for it.