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5 Natural Cure For Bed Wetting

Natural Cure To Bed Wetting

[toc]Nocturnal Enuresis is the scientific term for Bed wetting which is a commonly occurring disorder in children and even young adults, wherein they do not have control over their bladder and tend to wet the bed instead going to the bathroom. This generally happens in sleep as they are unable to recognize the urge to urinate. There are several reasons behind this disorder such as weakened bladder and pelvic muscles, stress, health issues that involves extreme weakness or frailness, irregular sleep patterns, simple fear or even faulty or small bladder.

This problem of bed wetting can be very embarrassing and troublesome for both the parents and the children and is treatable also. Though there are several medicines for it but a lot of love, care and certain natural cures are much better and feasible options for treating this problem. Children are delicate and have to be treated with care so as to cure them without hurting their sentiments. If one resorts to natural cures, the child tends to take it easily without getting conscious of the ailments. Some of these natural cures are mentioned below.

Top 5 Natural Cure For Bedwetting

Herbal Medicines

Lemon Balm Reduce Bed Wetting

Herbal medicines are child friendly and very mild in nature and very effective in treating bed wetting without giving any side effects. Some of these are to be given in the form of herbal teas such as Ursi, lycopodium, causticum, bearberrym, oak bark, pulstilla and so on . This herbal tea can be prepared by taking these herbs in either dry or wet form and boiling it in a cup of water, steeping it, thereafter straining and drinking the residual fluid.Lemon balm, Melissa officinaillis, Zia and horse tail are other herbs which are used to treat bed wetting successfully without side effects.

Care should be taken to prepare these herbal medicines in powdered form as giving it with liquid in the evenings might aggravate the problem. Though herbal therapies are safe to practice it is always advisable to consult an herbalist or a paeditrician before administering these herbal recipes

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits Reduce Bed Wetting

Bed wetting often occurs due to malnutrition and extreme weakness in the body of children. In such cases walnuts combined with raisins in 2:1 proportions can be given before bed time to strengthen weakened bladder of the child. Certain other dried fruits are equally beneficial for the bladder.

Generally dry fruits contain a lot of nutrients which are essential for strengthening the bones and tissues of the child. These are very delicious and appealing to the children so they tend to indulge in overeating. This should be avoided as dry fruits are very heavy for the stomach to digest. 2 teaspoons with 1 teaspoon of raisin is sufficient dose for a day and should be preferably given at night.

6 Simple Natural Cures For Bed Wetting
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Exercises Reduce Bed Wetting

There are specific exercises for children suffering from bed wetting which not only take care of the health issue but also strengthen the limbs of the child. The Kegels exercise which is advisable to pregnant women is excellent for children where they are taught to hold their bladder and release in specific intervals of a few seconds.

There are other exercises that are focused on strengthening the muscles surrounding the urinary bladder so that they can be strengthened thus preventing wetting the bed. The child gets rid of the urge to urinate in sleep when these muscle building exercises are practiced diligently and regularly.


Massage Reduce Bed Wetting

In the treatment of bedwetting, massage has been found to be useful and effective. Massaging the stomach with good massage oil for 15-30 seconds is suggested for older children, before going to bed. Another successful treatment that is natural and result oriented is a massage of the pelvic area for children. Even the stomach area should be massaged with good aroma based oil for about 10 minutes at least to get positive results.

This should be done at the bed time as this stimulates the muscles of the bladder and stomach which helps in bringing the awareness to the body and the child gets signals to go to the bathroom to urinate. Massage relaxes the stressed muscles and mentally eliminates the fear of the child.

Maintaining Suitable Temperatures

Maintaining Suitable Temperatures

Often it is seen that anyone gets the urge to pass urine frequently in cold temperatures as so one should maintain warm temperatures in the room where the child or infant has to sleep. Use of air conditioners can instigate the urinary bladder to frequently pass urine hence one should strictly avoid switching on the air conditioners. If it is winters then the use of heaters and warm blankets help the child to sleep soundly without triggering the bladder otherwise.