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5 Natural Cures For Anemia

[toc]Anaemia is a blood disorder wherein the haemoglobin content in the blood goes down and there is ultimately decrease in the red blood cell count as well. Also known as RBC ,as they are responsible for carrying oxygen supply to the cells through haemoglobin, a low level of these indicate a low supply of oxygen in the tissues and all the organs of the body. Anaemia usually occurs due to iron deficiency and good supply of this mineral also helps in getting rid of this disorder.

5 Natural Cure For Anemia

Sometimes however insufficient vitamins such as vitamin B12 and B6 are also the culprit. Other causes could be a failed kidney, bone marrow issues, a primary disease like cancer. Though Anaemia and its causes gets diagnosed by a blood report, there are several symptoms that make this disease evident such as lack of energy or extreme fatigue, head spinning or dizziness, shortness of breath, pale and white skin and gums, loss of appetite etc.

This disorder can be treated naturally when detected early as a proper diet is the main cure however extreme cases should be referred to a doctor without delay. A few natural remedies are discussed below and can be very beneficial in healing anaemia.

Best Natural Cures For Anemia

Green Leafy Vegetables

One of the best sources for increasing haemoglobin is Green leafy vegetables. These vegetables are high in iron and other minerals that are most important for the formation of blood. They should be included in large portions in the regular diet, preferably in the form of soup and juices.

Some of the effective green leafy vegetables are spinach, coriander, parsley and celery to name a few. These vegetables can be incorporated in several preparations to increase the blood count .It should be made compulsory for both the lunch and dinner and it will be ideal if taken in the form of soup .Green leafy vegetables are preferred when they are organic, and do not have pesticides . They are sold in local grocery stores.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Beetroot Juice

Another important vegetable that is extremely beneficial in increasing haemoglobin is beet root juice. Coincidently it is the colour of blood and the juice is highly nutritious as well. Anaemia is best treated with the juice of this vegetable which is actually a root that grows underground and is red in colour.

The best time to consume the juice e of beetroot is early in the morning on an empty stomach and is very easy to prepare. After washing it well it has to be peeled and crushed or blended in a mixer. One should ideally consume it without straining one small glass a day for at least a fortnight is sufficient to show prompt results.

Beetroot juice

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Another natural cure for anaemia is use of herbs that have a good content of iron .Some herbs are extremely beneficial in increasing the haemoglobin levels and are very safe to consume.

Few of them are Yellow dock Root, Extract of dandelion and so on. These are perfectly safe and available in the form of tincture. They can also be consumed raw.


Carrot Juice

Like beetroot carrot also grows underground and is equally a good source of iron. It is also extremely useful in increasing the haemoglobin in the blood and can be incorporated in the diet in many mays. One has to wash it and clean it thoroughly before using it.The juice of carrot is extremely beneficial however one can even eat raw in the form of salads.

Grated carrot can be used as a filling in parathas f or children who are anaemic and fussy about food. It is an excellent energiser and can be eaten at any time of the day. Care should be taken to clean it before eating raw, and the best way of doing so is by immersing it in hot water that removes the pesticides present in it.

Carrot Juice

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Cooking Food In Iron Container

Another natural method of getting rid of anaemia is by cooking the daily food in containers and vessels made of iron. When then food is cooked in an iron vessel ,the food gets blended with some of the iron content and becomes a natural supplier of iron that in turn increases the blood , thus getting rid of anaemia.

Iron vessels are bulky in handling and therefore people prefer lightweight vessels and containers , however if an anaemic person eats food cooked in iron container, then that person will surely benefit as the haemoglobin is bound to increase. One should however exercise caution in maintaining he hygiene as well.

Cook Food In Iron Containers

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