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5 Natural Cures For Astigmatism

Natural Cures For Astigmatism

[toc]Astigmatism is a condition of the eye wherein the vision is blurred. Astigmatism may occur in both children and adults alike. It is common but not contagious. The symptoms of astigmatism are blurred vision, headache, and sensitivity to light, squinting, fatigue and eyestrain. Causes could be injury or infection to the eye that scar the cornea, eye surgery and some other eye disease that could affect the cornea.

Surgery, eye glasses or contact lens are some treatment options usually recommended. However, this can be cured by using some natural ways too. Here are some natural cures for astigmatism:

5 Natural Cures For Astigmatism


Eye Exercise For Astigmatism

This exercise is very useful to control eye movement caused due to visual malfunction. Identify an object that is far, now stand up and focus on that object. After a while sway your body gently to your left and then to your right. Do not take your eyes off the object while swaying and do not lose focus, hence go slow. If you feel the eye strain then you can blink and after a while do it again.  Do this at least 8-10 times a day for good results.

Homemade Eye Drops

Eye Drops For Astigmatism

This homemade natural eye drop is one of the best treatments to get proper vision back.  Take one tablespoon sugar, add to it two tablespoon of coriander seeds. Mix this in two glasses of water and put it to boil. Allow it to boil for five minutes, then remove it from the fire and let it cool. Strain this mixture and store it in a bottle. Use this as an eye drop for your affected vision twice a day for 4 weeks and you will see the result.

Natural Syrup

Natural Syrup For Astigmatism

Natural homemade syrup is a good treatment for this eye condition.  Take a glass of warm water and add to it two tablespoons of ghee, half a teaspoon of the powdered licorice roots and 2 teaspoons of honey. Mix it well, and drink it, do this once a day for at least a month. This will heal the condition and improve your vision.


Carrots For Astigmatism

Carrots are very good for your eyes. Carrots give the body a lot of nutrients which help in keeping the eye healthy. It also helps in curing the problem of the eye caused due to astigmatism. Prepare carrot juice and drink two glasses of this juice every day. This should be followed up by consuming raw carrots in between throughout the day.


Nutritious Diet For Astigmatism

A good nutritious diet will help heal and cure astigmatism faster. Bitter gourd is very good and effective in eyesight improvement. The diet should consist of whole food with fruits and vegetables. You should have food rich in anti oxidants. They are colored pepper, green peas, celery, carrots and leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuces.

Fruits such as berries, plums, mangoes, grapes, cherries, citrus fruits and melons also speed up the process of healing. Fish such as sardines, mackerel, cod and tuna are good for your eyes. These fish are rich in DHA which is a compound that is good for the cells of the eyes. Hence it is highly recommended to add these fish to your diet.

5 Natural Cures For Astigmatism