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5 Natural Cures For Hypothyroidism

[toc]Thyroid gland performs various important functions for the body as well as secretes hormones that are an integral part of the system. However, there are a lot of times where the balance of secretion gets lost and thus leads to either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. It is a gland that gives energy as well as handles the metabolism of the body.


Hypothyroidism or low levels of secretion of the hormone have a lot of repercussions on the body. The good part is that apart from some medications, you can always adhere to natural cures that can safely treat the condition and give you back the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Check out how: –

5 Natural Ways To Cure Hypothyroidism

Iodine Wonders

According to researchers, including iodine rich foods and sources in the diet will definitely help in treating hypothyroidism. Increasing the intake of iodine will give you a natural key to the crisis.

The safe sources include bananas, yogurt, fish, oatmeal, salt, meat, eggs, potato, radish, parsley and more. There are various supplements of iodine that can be consumed as well but only after proper recommendation from a doctor. This is one of the top notch cures.


Use Ginger To Your Rescue

A home product that has innumerable benefits for the body and that gives visible outcomes on most of the ailments is ginger. This is also valid for hypothyroidism that is rich in minerals like zinc, potassium and magnesium.

The anti inflammatory benefits also help in bringing the function of the gland back on track. Fresh ginger slices can be sucked on as well as included in the various dishes throughout the day. Apart from this, fresh herbal ginger tea can be prepared to reap the benefits. Take this tea 3-4 times each day to get results.


Effects Of Evening Primrose Oil

An essential oil that is known to have a lot of benefits including the treatment of hypothyroidism is that of evening primrose oil. The high levels of amino acids in the liquid are what help here. A tablespoon of evening primrose oil helps in the restoration of the organ as well as reducing any kinds of inflammation in the area. This should be followed till the time the secretion of hormone comes back to normal.

Evening Primrose Oil

Herb That Helps

Herbal remedies are one of the broadest categories of treatment for any health problem. Herein, the same can be treated with nettle where hypothyroidism is concerned. Nettle tea can be prepared at home using the herb that can be consumed 2-3 times in a day to get the right outcomes. You can strain the tea, add sweetener and drink it. It encourages the thyroid hormones perfectly.

One of the other important herbs that can be used here is Siberian ginseng. By taking it in the right dose, consulted by an herbalist, you can help in encouraging the inactive gland to function properly and treat the condition in the first place.


Expose To Sunshine

A simple way to treat hypothyroidism is to expose you to sunshine early in the morning. This should be done for about 20 minutes everyday to get the maximum benefits for the ailment. The vitamin D received by the body will show its wonders on the gland. Wake up in the morning and exercise in the open where you will get dual benefits of sunrays as well as physical activity that will improve the gland functioning.