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5 Natural Cures For Impetigo

[toc]Impetigo is a skin infection which is highly infectious and most commonly found in infants and newborns. It usually appears as red eruptions on the face around the nose and mouth. These red sores burst and form yellow crusts on the face.This skin infection is caused by the Staphylococcus and Streptococcus bacteria which cause the cessation of the cuticle of the skin.


Humid and poor hygiene conditions and hot weather stimulates its spread. There are two types of Impetigo. Non bulbous impetigo causes sores which burst and form yellow crusts and bulbous impetigo causes large watery eruptions which are painless. Impetigo spreads when a person comes in direct contact with the infected person. Impetigo can be cured naturally and here are a few natural cures for impetigo:

Natural Ways To Cure Impetigo

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been known for its mild antiseptic effects and has been used for the skin since ancient times. Olive oil contains chemicals like rutin and oleuropein which are very effective in fighting against bacteria causing infections like impetigo. Applying few drops of olive oil on the affected areas thrice a day helps in curing impetigo greatly and it is also the best preventive measure against any type of skin infection caused by bacteria.

olive oil

Tea Tree Oil

Evidences from the past have shown that tea tree oil is an effective treatment for impetigo. Tea tree oil has chemicals which are very powerful in fighting Staphylococcus bacteria. Tea tree oil should be applied over and around the affected areas like face, mouth and nose twice a day to observe best results. Ointments containing tea tree leaves extract can also be applied on the affected areas twice or thrice a day.

tea tree oil

Woodland plant (Goldenseal)

The root of Goldenseal has powerful antibacterial properties. Goldenseal plant has been found to have chemicals such asberberine, canadine and beta-hydrastine. These chemicals predominantly work against the infections instigated by Staphylococcus and Streptococcus bacteria, which are the main causative agents of impetigo. Goldenseal oil can be used or its roots powder can also be applied on the affected areas. Ointments containing goldenseal plants extracts can also be used.


Myrrh Oil

Myrrh oil contains chemicals such as interleukin in the blood which helps the human body to increase immunity against various bacterial infections. Mixture of honey and myrrh oil shows miraculous improvements in patients suffering from impetigo. These chemicals particularly fight the staphylococcus bacteria. Myrrh oil can be used as a mixture with water and can be used externally to wash the area affected twice a day to see the results.


Foods Rich In Zinc

Zinc helps in boosting the immune system and helps in creating cells which leads to collagen production. Collagen is important to help in quick healing of wounds. Zinc also helps in carbohydrate and protein metabolism which is beneficial in keeping the skin healthy. To prevent worsening of impetigo, one should have foods rich in zinc such as meat, cereals, nuts, ginger roots, oysters and seeds. You can also choose to take zinc supplements every day, which are easily available in the market. However, consult your doctor before consuming any supplement.

zinc food