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5 Natural Cures For Nose Bleeding

[toc]Though it is not a serious health hazard, nose bleed is definitely one that can cause a lot of embarrassment in public. The severity of nose bleeds will differ for different individuals. In any case, there might be a lot of reasons associated with the crisis.

Nose Bleeding

Your aim is to look for safe, simple, reasonable and natural cures that can actually help you get freedom from the problem. The list below has some well researched ideas and treatments that can be used for the purpose. All you need to do is carry it on a regular basis for perfect outcomes.

5 Best Natural Cures For Nose Bleeding

Have Good Amounts Of Water

In many situations, dehydration is caused due to the dry and chilly weathers that actually lead to low pressures and cause nose bleeds. The best thing that can be done here is to stick to natural cures like drinking good amounts of water.

About 10 glasses of plain and filtered water is advisable in such a case where you want effective treatment from nose bleeds. This should be increased a little in dry areas. This will start giving you results almost instantly.


Take Steam

A case where you have nasal congestion, nose bleeds become quite a common problem. To ensure that the nasal passages are working in proper conditions, it is best that you take steam.

This can be in a simple way like inhaling the steam from a hot cup of tea or soup or even in the form where you take hot water in the tub and cover the head to take the steam benefits. Make sure you follow it two times in a day for right results.


Vitamin E Oil Application

A safe cure to treat nose bleeds is to break open a capsule of vitamin E and use the oil in the walls of the nostrils with a clean cotton swab. This is one way to treat the problem of bleeding from the nose.

This so happens by moisturizing the membranes of the nasal passage that might be causing abrasion due to dryness and thus lead to bleeding. This can be done 2-3 times in a day including at night before going off to sleep. Fingers can also be used for application if you wash them beforehand.

Vitamin E Oil

Ice Pack Advantage

From the outer surface of the nose, apply an ice pack for a while to stop the nose bleeds. The coldness helps in the narrowing of the vessels in the nose thus curing the bleeding immediately.

Follow this remedy as soon as you see your nose bleeding. It is an efficient and easy natural cure to hang on.


Use A Humidifier

Since dryness and chilled weather is one of the top causes for nose bleeds, the best you can do for treatment as well as for prevention in the later stages is to use a humidifier in the room. This will add moisture to the air and thus help you in curing the problem without much effort. This is especially valid for rooms where you sleep.


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