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5 Natural Cures For Psoriatic Arthritis

Natural Cures For Psoriatic Arthritis

[toc]Psoriatic arthritis is similar to rheumatoid arthritis which affects the fingers, toes and distal joints of the body in people affected with psoriasis. It is not very common to develop arthritis during psoriasis but the symptoms start manifesting after the diagnosis of psoriasis has happened. The symptoms include joint inflammation, stiffness, and pain and reduced range of motion. There is no specific treatment for psoriatic arthritis, so you just need to keep the symptoms under control until the main problem is being dealt with.

It is not possible to give the treatment for normal rheumatoid arthritis because even though the symptoms are similar, the cause is completely different. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, while psoriasis has a different origin and has different complications. Here are some natural ways in which you can control the symptoms for psoriatic arthritis:

Natural Ways To Cure Psoriatic Arthritis

Fish oil

Fish Oil For Psoriatic Arthritis

It contains a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids and is highly recommended for patients suffering from psoriatic arthritis. Fish oil helps to reduce the inflammation up to a certain extent so it can help reduce the pain and other symptoms.

It is recommended that you consume at least 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams of fish oil per day. Diet is an important feature when it comes to keeping the symptoms at bay.


Turmeric For Psoriatic Arthritis

It can be considered as a member of the spice family and it also assists in keeping the level of inflammation down during psoriatic arthritis. It acts on certain proteins that control the degree of inflammation during this lesion.

The downside to using turmeric is that, it takes a lot of time to actually start producing benefits. So you’re going to have to use it for a while before you start to see benefits. You can consume turmeric with warm milk and honey.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D For Psoriatic Arthritis

Also known as the sun vitamin, it is obtained from sun’s rays and is quite useful in treating symptoms of joint pain and stiffness in patients manifested by psoriatic arthritis. Most cases of psoriasis have known to have deficiencies of vitamin D.

It is not feasible to expose your entire body to the sun but you can surely consume powdered form of vitamin D which you can buy from your local pharmacy. Mix the powder with warm milk every night and drink it.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K For Psoriatic Arthritis

It is found in green leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach as well as in olive and canola oils. It works for the overall health of the joints. So it is important that you consume lots of vitamin K for the betterment during psoriatic arthritis. Once your vitamin K levels are brought to normal, your symptoms will be less intense and less frequent.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 For Psoriatic Arthritis

The most common deficiency found in people suffering from psoriatic arthritis is that of vitamin B12. People who follow a vegetarian diet have frequent deficiencies of vitamin B12. It can be found in meat, trout, clams and a little quantity is found in yogurt and cereals.  You can also consume eggs which are rich in Vitamin B12. In cases of acute deficiency, you must take injections which can boost your B12 levels.

5 Natural Cures For Psoriatic Arthritis