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5 Natural Cures For Razor Burn

Cures For Razor Burn

[toc]Are you someone who feels an irritation and burning sensation just after a shave? There are about 8 out of 10 people who would have a positive reply for this question. Razor burn is quite a common problem especially among men who have to shave on a frequent basis to keep free from unwanted hair on the face.

This is usually accompanied with rashes as well. However, this is one condition that does not limit only to facial hair but can be experienced in any part that is being shaved. To give you a smoother experience of shaving, these natural cures below will help you instantly in treating the razor burns as soon as they occur.

5 Best Natural Cures For Razor Burn

Aspirin Paste

Aspirin Paste For Razor Burn

One of the good old ways to treat razor burn is to make a paste of aspirin with about 1 teaspoon of warm water. This should be rubbed on the skin where you feel burning sensation due to the use of a razor. This should be left for a while and then washed with a little lukewarm water. it is bound to treat the burns instantly and give you relief.

The Effect Of Moisturizing

Moisturizer For Razor Burn

Another simple natural cure for razor burn is to not only soften and moisturize the area to be shaved before the needful but also use a natural or a ready product as a moisturizer on the area, post-shaving. This is one thing that will prevent any roughness as well as redness. A good moisturizer will also reduce the burning. By application of the same, you can also prevent the situation from occurring.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloevera Gel For Razor Burn

The natural product that we know as Aloe Vera gel is famous for its soothing properties as well as for the infinite benefits that it has for the skin. It also treats all kinds of burning and inflammation in a critical situation.

For razor burns, it is one of the ideal solutions that can be used. Keep fresh Aloe Vera gel handy and rub it gently on the razor burns. Leave it for a while and see the effects in just a matter of a few minutes. It is a well known remedy that can be used.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Razor Burn

Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful liquid that has great properties for the skin. One of the many ways in which it can be used is to pat it on the razor burns. It will surely give you results immediately on the burns and treat the problem in a natural way. Keep the liquid handy and use in whenever you are in crisis.

Strawberries And Sour Cream Ointment

Strawberries For Razor Burn

A delicious remedy to treat razor burn is to use fresh strawberries and sour cream to your rescue. The idea is to make a fine blend by mashing the strawberries in the sour cream. Once shaving is done for all the areas, this paste can be evenly applied on them. This can be kept for about 10 minutes and then washed off. It will definitely keep the skin free from the burns and discomfort of shaving.

5 Natural Cures For Razor Burn