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5 Natural Ways To Cure Hypertension

Ways To Cure Hypertension

[toc]Hypertension is a condition when the arteries have a continuous high blood pressure. Caused primarily by hectic lifestyles and improper diet, hypertension is a problem which is not just present among old people, but also among the younger generation. Over 33% of young people in the age groups 16-34 are said to experience from a few forms of the hypertension.

One recent study in California discovered that, in case left unrestrained, this cardiovascular problem, even in the mild form, may result into premature aging as well as brain damage. Thus it is very important to recognize the symptoms of hypertension on time and treat it effectively. Here are some natural ways to cure hypertension:

5 Ways To Cure Hypertension

Raw Almonds

Raw Almonds To Control Hypertension

Simply eating some raw almonds every day may make a major difference in keeping the levels of blood pressure under control. A major component of Dietary Approaches for stopping Hypertension Diet, known as the DASH, a raw almond is enriched with monounsaturated fats that have been precisely proven for helping in lowering the levels of blood cholesterol, reducing arterial inflammation, as well as lowering levels of blood pressure.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper To Control Hypertension

Perhaps amongst the best foods for lowering down blood pressure, the cayenne pepper can be a very powerful vasodilator as it helps in expanding blood vessels as well as improving blood flow. It affects naturally and lowers down levels of blood pressure. This can be included with soups and salads and consumed as a part of daily diet.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water To Control Hypertension

Enriched with electrolytes, potassium, as well as other vital nutrients, the coconut water is publicized for helping in considerably lowering the levels of blood pressure in most of the people who drink it.

A recent study distributed in West Indian Medical Journal indicated that drinking of coconut water assisted 71 % participants in achieving major reduction in the systolic pressure, as well as 29 % participants in achieving major reduction in the diastolic pressure. These results were more improved when the participants drank coconut water as well as mauby, which is a hot drink prepared from the bark of buckthorn tree.

Raw Cacao

Raw Cacao To Control Hypertension

Enriched with flavonoids as well as additional anti-inflammatory nutrients, the raw cacao is one more food-based way to treat hypertension which you may desire to keep stocked.

The flavonoids in the cacao work as the adaptogens for helping the body dealing better with stress that is one common source of hypertension. They also assist in regulating stress hormones levels in body that play very critical role for the regulation of blood pressure.


Turmeric To Control Hypertension

Contemporary science is just hitting the tip of the iceberg regarding the super food capability of turmeric, usually recognized as curcumin. However one of herb’s already recognized advantages concerns its capabilities to considerably decrease the inflammation throughout the body that is the main cause of higher cholesterol as well as hypertension. With actively reducing the inflammation, turmeric assists in improving cardiovascular functions as well as maintaining a proper blood flow.

All the natural remedies will help you reducing stress as well as lowering hypertension. Just stretch out to the people. Nurture affection and love. Laughter is the best medicine so try to laugh every now and then. It is very good therapy for relaxation.

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