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5 Simple Home Remedies For Dry Hair

Home Remedies For Dry Hair

Most people have to go on living with dull, brittle and lifeless hair. No matter what they do, they can hardly get the well-moisturized, luscious and soft hair that they dream of. With the market flooded with hair products vouching to soften frizzy and dry hair, one is often left with the dilemma of choosing the right product. Then, there’s the scare of damaging one’s hair further.

For centuries, men and women have resorted to natural means for all cosmetic fixes. These remedies are not only safe to use but are also made up of commonly occurring and practically inexpensive ingredients. Fortunately, Nature’s bounty has a number of natural remedies to alleviate you of your hair problems.

5 Best Home Remedies For Dry Hair

Oil Soak Nourishment

Oil Soak For Dry Hair

Do you remember the time when mothers and grandmothers would insist that you oil your hair every night? Their age-old wisdom does prove a point. Natural oils are rich in Vitamins A and E. These oils deeply penetrate your scalp and keep dryness at bay. But which oils should you use? A mixture of olive, coconut and pure almond oil form the powerful trinity of hair growth and nourishment.

Rich in vitamins and essential nutrients, these oils infuse new life into dull looking hair. All you need to do is heat equal quantities of these oils till they are warm to touch. Then you should apply this mixture generously to your hair and keep it wrapped up for an hour or so. The heat from the oils will open pores and seep in quicker to provide enhanced nourishment. You can wash off your hair with the shampoo of your choice. You hair will feel soft and have a healthy bounce to it.

Egg And Honey Mask

Egg And Honey Mask For Dry Hair

Nothing refreshes dry hair faster than an egg yolk and honey mask. The rich shock of protein and Vitamin A instantly repairs damage, smoothens the hair surface and removes dryness, leaving you with nourished, smooth and silky hair. Add a tablespoon of honey to two egg yolks and beat the mixture smoothly.

Then apply this from the root to the tip of your hair strands for maximum effect. Leave this nourishing mask on for an hour and wash your hair off with the shampoo of your choice. You will see an instant difference in the quality of your hair.

Mayonnaise Wrap

Mayonnaise Mask For Dry Hair

Mayonnaise has been a quick favorite amongst youngsters who need soft and shiny hair but without much effort. Commonly found in every kitchen, the rich oils and egg proteins contained in mayonnaise prove to be a hydration shock for dry hair. Its application is simple.

Take some natural mayonnaise in your hands and coat your hair strands starting from the roots and ending in the tips. Leave it on or an hour and shampoo it off. Your hair will feel soft and lustrous like no other.

Banana Moisture Wrap

Banana Mask For Dry Hair

Not only do bananas provide nutrition to the body as a whole, but also are excellent moisture-lending agents for dry and brittle hair? Form a paste using half a banana and a tablespoon of milk.

Apply this mixture generously to your hair and leave it on for 15 minutes. The texture of the fruit will help lock in the nutrition in the hair strands and leave it smooth and shiny. Wash your hair accordingly with your favorite shampoo. This simple treatment can be done at least once a week for maximum benefit.

Yoghurt Dip

Yoghurt Mask For Dry Hair

Who knew that yoghurt could taste so good and do wonders to the hair at the same time. Yoghurt is packed with essential vitamins and healthy bacteria that can infuse moisture into you hair like no other remedy. Yoghurt is an excellent hair softener. When applied to your hair on a weekly basis, it can undo hair damage and strengthen hair.

The application is extremely simple too. All you have to do is apply it directly to your scalp and hair and leave it on for 45 minutes before washing it off with your desired shampoo. Take care not to leave it on too long. It can, otherwise, make your hair look greasy.

With these remedies at hand, you will no longer need to live with lifeless hair. Taking care of dry hair at home is a hassle-free process. With good care and proper diet, you can restore your parched locks to their lustrous state. These remedies have proven their worth in providing the right nourishment to dry hair. When used on a regular basis, they provide a much needed, natural nourishment to hair.

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