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5 Simple Natural Cures For Colic

Natural Cures For Colic

[toc]Colic can be caused due to sudden pain in the cavities of the body. The various types of colic are renal colic, baby colic, horse colic and biliary colic. Most often, babies are affected by colic and you can notice it by the help of constant passage of gas, bloated tummy and clenching of stomach muscles.

During a colic attack, there is an obstruction in the normal hollow tubes of the body. In order to clear this obstruction, the body forcefully tries to expel the blocking material and that makes the muscles contract in a harsh manner causing the pain and discomfort. You could effectively cure colic in case of babies as well as adults using natural solutions. Some of them are listed below:

5 Ways To Cure Colic


Chamomile Tea For Colic

It can be given in tea form and it acts as a natural soother because of its anti-spasmodic property. You could prepare the tea and feed the child by the help of a spoon about three times during the day. Chamomile tea also has a sedative effect which helps to calm the baby down when he or she is crying or becomes restless due to the excessive pain. You could use chamomile flowers by directly boiling the flowers and administering the left over water.


Mint For Colic

It also has anti-spasmodic properties and shows really promising results in case of new born babies. You can add some amount of mint in a bowl and add some water to it. Heat this water until it is lukewarm and then sieve the mixture. You can then use a spoon to feed the baby and it is completely safe to use. It helps to calm down the excessive muscular contractions in the intestine and helps the body to relax.


Basil Leaves For Colic

It contains an ingredient known as Euganol which is anti-spasmodic in nature and helps promote relaxation. You could put some basil leaves in a bowl and add some water. The water is to be heated slightly until it is comfortably warm to consume. Then sieve this mixture and it is ready to be administered to babies as well as adults. Adults can drink the mixture without having to sieve it as well. It provides a good level of sedation so it is ok if you feel like sleeping after drinking it.

Increase Fiber Content

Spinach For Colic

If you increase the fiber content in your diet, the amount of fiber will help to mobilize your digestive track. Any clogged obstructions will move out in a healthy way and they won’t cause any pressure build up or pain in your system. You could start with having fresh vegetables like broccoli, spinach and lettuce. Fruits with their peels are also quite a good source for fibre. Make sure you have 3 portions of fibre with all your meals.


Massage For Colic

Take some oil in a pan and heat it until it is comfortably warm. You can use the oil to massage the areas of pain. In case of baby colic, you can massage the baby’s tummy. The massage will act as sedation and help induce relaxation and sleep in the baby. Massage also helps to improve the circulation in the affected area.

5 Simple Natural Cures For Colic

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