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5 Tips For Increasing Sexual Energy

[toc]To have some great sex, one needs to constantly work on the stamina and the energy of the body. This is solely because sex is also a form of exercise and requires a lot of effort for some success. However, even after normal body functioning and hormonal secretion and even after good levels of sexual desire, one might not be able to achieve gratification solely because of the lack of sexual energy.

Sexual Energy

This list below will be helpful in the aspect of how to increase the levels of sexual energy with some simple tips and ideas. All you need to do is follow it on a strict regimen to get best outcomes.

5 Methods For Increasing Sexual Energy

Have Water In Good Amounts

Water is a good way to not only hydrate the body but also regulate the functions and get back the lost energy. This is solely because according to researches, dehydration extracts the energy from the body. Dehydration causes muscle weaknesses, fatigue and dizziness and these are all symptoms of lack of energy. Have about 10 glasses of plain and filtered water each day to keep up the sexual energy and achieve the goals.

drink water

Have Small Meals Regularly

Well again, it is almost a blunder when you fast for long. This lowers the level of energy considerably. Herein, the effective tip that is suggested is one where you need to learn on how to nibble. Eat small meals or portions of energy giving foods at the gap of every two hours.

It also helps in keeping the blood sugar levels balanced and thus maintain the right amount of energy as well for sex. However, overdoing the situation is not recommended and is as harmful as starving.

Eat At Fixed Times


To feel the energy pumping inside you and to get that adrenalin rush all you need to do is stay fit and active. This can be achieved through regular exercise and a fitness regime. One needs to continuously work on their body to burn out the extra fat and thus make the body more active.

About 30 minutes of exercise is advisable on a daily basis which can be as simple as walking or running or even a sports activity like swimming. This is going to definitely give a hike in the sexual energy.


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Eat Energy Giving Foods

Include good and healthy foods in the everyday diet to see the results of great sexual energy. It is important to work on foods in the meals that are highly nutritious and gives you a balanced diet. Energy giving examples of foods include whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables, lean protein and more. These can definitely treat the fatigue and give you a chance to feel energetic.

Avocados, asparagus, oily fish, bananas, watermelon, dark chocolate and figs are some very specific foods that along with providing energy also give a lot of benefits for erection and sexual desires.


Stop Smoking And Drinking

Regular smoking habits and excessive drinking can not only affect and kill the sperms but also hinders the energy levels of a person. The best to be done here is to keep both these habits at bay as much as possible. It will give you the right direction to increase sexual energy.


This list below will be helpful in the aspect on to increase the levels of sexual energy with some simple tips and ideas

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