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5 Top Effective Ways To Treat Epilepsy

Ways To Treat Epilepsy

[toc]Epilepsy is a nerve related physical ailment which is caused when the brain’s normal activity is disrupted due to which the patient experiences frequent seizures. Epilepsy attacks are serious as the patients may sometimes become unsonscious and can turn blank for a few moments.

Also on most occasions the patients lose control over their senses and make movements like jerking or thrashing various parts of their body which can be very dangerous.If you have an epilepsy attack tendency then you have to be health conscious and lead a healthy stress free life. Though there are medicines to control epilepsy but there is no permanent cure for the disease.

So both the patient as well as the family members should be careful so that the patient leads a healthy lifestyle.Since epilepsy is a lifelong treatment so it is better to follow effective home remedies to treat and control, rather than have medicines for a long time which might cause harmful side effects. Below are few effective home remedies which are very useful for treating epilepsy.

5 Ways To Treat Epilepsy

Mental Stress And Anxiety Should Be Avoided

Avoid Mental Stress For Epilepsy

The most effective and simplest way to treat epilepsy is that the epilepsy patient should avoid mental stress and anxiety completely. The patient should be provided a peaceful and a comfortable environment away from all kinds of stress and anxiety.

There should not be any kind of emotional outburst as well as that can trigger epilepsy attacks. Avoiding mental stress and anxiety and maintaining a relaxed and healthy lifestyle is the key to success for treating epilepsy.

Drink Grape Juice Regularly

Grape Juice Reduce Epilepsy

Drinking fresh grape juice everyday is another very effective way to treat epilepsy. Drink at least 500 – 600 ml of grape juice thrice daily regularly to receive the best results. Continue drinking this grape juice for at least 4 – 5 months regularly to treat epilepsy effectively. Grape juice is thus very effective and it is the simplest and one of the best natural remedy to teat epileptic seizures.

Basil Flower Oil

Basil Flower Oil For Epilepsy

Inhaling the aroma of the basil flower / oil is very effective for treating epileptic attacks. The patients who have the tendency of having epileptic attacks must keep the basil oil fragrance in the napkin or should carry basil flowers with them all the time. The strong fragrance from the basil flower/oil helps to treat and recover from epilepsy attacks very quickly. Always keep basil with you so that epileptic seizures can be treated effectively.

Take Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom Salt Bath For Epilepsy

Epsom salt bath is another very effective way to treat epilepsy. An epileptic patient should add epsom salt in the bathing water and take bath with that water every day. Epsom salt water bath soothes the nerves and relaxes the body as a result it reduces the frequency as well as the severity of the epileptic seizures. This is one of the simplest home remedy to treat epilepsy.

Consume Diet Rich In Vitamin B6

Milk Reduce Epilepsy

Consume diet rich in vitamin B6 as it is one of the best dietary remedy to treat epilepsy effectively. Include vitamin B6 rich foods in your diet like rice, peanuts, milk, carrots and lots of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Maintain a very healthy diet and avoid rich and spicy food.

Take small quantity of meals at regular intervals rather than heavy meals. If you thus follow a healthy diet and consume food rich in vitamin B6 then you can effectively treat epilepsy to a great extent. Follow these effective home remedies on a regular basis to treat epilepsy completely.

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